Learn How to Start a Blog to Make Money Online

This website will teach you how to start a blog in 2018.

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If you are brand new to blogging, click the image above and you’ll go to the page that will teach you exactly how to start a blog built for success in 2018!  You’ll learn the strategy behind blogging, and you’ll be able to watch video instructions to get your blog website online!

There are many good reasons why you should start a blog.  Blogging is still a great way to earn a passive income, build a personal brand, boost sales around a business, and have fun!  Reasons why you should start blogging include you are:

  • Passionate about a topic and want to share your thoughts and opinions.
  • Enjoy writing and want to share your knowledge with others.
  • Looking for a way to generate a passive income through blogging.
  • Want a fun way to share your message with the world!

Blogging can be fun and it should be!  You should start a blog because you enjoy it, not because you want to make money from it.  Making money is definitely a good thing, but if that’s your only motivation you will quickly become discouraged if you don’t see fast results.

At Learn How Blogging we want to help you have fun with a blog, but also set it up for long term success!

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Learn How to Start a Blog

On this website you’ll learn how to start a successful blog.  There are many different ways to write, and different platforms to host your blog.  We’ll show you our favorite way to start a blog, but we’ll also show you many other options you can choose from.

Learn How to Make Money Online

Making money online blogging is possible.  Many people seem to think you’ve “missed the boat” when it comes to starting a blog, but that’s false!  There is still plenty of opportunity to create a blog that can earn you money through advertising, affiliate marketing, or personal products!

Learn How to Optimize your Blog for SEO

The goal of blogging is obviously for people to read what you write.  This is a lot easier said than done… Building successful social media campaigns around your blog will help, but optimizing your blog for search engines will help you build long term success.  We’ll share with you everything you need to know in “SEO” language you can understand!

Learn How to Manage a Blog

Starting a blog is easy.  Keeping a blog going can be a challenge.  If you have other responsibilities, you’ll want to find a good method of managing your blog.  Managing a blog includes creating a posting schedule, interacting with readers and other bloggers, doing SEO and outreach, social media, and research.  We’ll help you come up with a good plan that works for you!

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