How I Made My First $500 Blogging

How I made my first $500 blogging (final)

In this post, you're going to learn how I made my first $500 blogging.

Why Is It Important To Share?

I think these types of posts are really cool. It's a great way to share how people made their first $500 or even $1,000 with their online business. I think it helps motivate us, as brand new bloggers, and it reassures us to know that you can make money blogging.

So, in this post, I will share with you some of the ways that I was able to accumulate my first $500 blogging. I'm also going to show you one of my favorite ways that I make money with my online business and how I'm able to keep my business sustainable without using any of my personal funds.

Starting From The Beginning

First, let me talk about two websites that I started with my Learn How online business. When I originally started Learn How, I started with a website called That was my first website because I started as a technology YouTube channel.

In this channel I was creating video tutorials to help people learn how to use technology to improve their lifestyle. These tutorials were mainly geared towards older people who are trying to figure out how to use technology, mainly their iPhones. 

However, back in April of 2018, I started to have a little bit of a change. I was doing those technology tutorials but it wasn't what I loved doing. What I loved more was online business. So, I created a separate website called to focus more specifically on building an online business with a main focus on blogging.

My purpose behind was for SEO advantages. I wanted to distinguish a separate website that's very dedicated and focused on online business and blogging. This then would allow me to be able to move up on search engine rankings.

How I Made My First $500 Blogging

Therefore, when I talk about how I made my first $500 blogging, I'm referring to In my first 7 months worth of blogging I have been able to generate income from this blog.

Creating Your Blog

When I started this blog back in April, a lot of the initial work was just to get the website up and running. I had to create homepages, customize my theme, start creating other types of associated pages like contact pages, about pages, those types of initial things. As well as creating some graphics and images for my website.

I basically spent the whole month of April and part of May on just building my website. When you're getting started with blogging, realize that the first month or two of blogging is going to be spent on just building up your website. There probably won't be a whole lot of income coming into your blog in the first one to two months because, like I said, you're working on creating the website, figuring out how to use WordPress, etc. You're basically figuring out how you want your website structured.

Growing Your Blog

Then, I would say months 3 to 5 would probably be called the growing stage. The 3 to 5 month stage of your new blog is also when you're starting to get accustomed to blogging. You're beginning to find your schedule, your rythm and how you want to layout your blog posts. You're also thinking of constant ideas and starting to get organized with your online business.

In the beginning you're just kind of jumping into it with all hands on deck. You're basically just doing whatever you can to get up and running. During this phase is when you start to optimize your blog for SEO. When you start to implement social media strategies. This stage is also when you're probably watching a lot of videos or reading posts like this one to learn how to improve your blog.

Learning Stage For Google SEO

During the first 1 to 5 months is what I consider a learning stage for Google. SEO is one of the things that I teach to increase traffic to your blog in my free traffic guide. SEO, or search engine optimization for Google, takes a few months to actually get rolling. 

These first 5 months is also a growing stage for your social media accounts. You're probably trying to grow your Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest to increase traffic to your blog. So, at this point for me on my website, I wasn't really making a lot of income.

Affiliate Marketing

Making my first $500 took 7 months from the time I started my blog. So, from months 1 to 5 were growing and learning. Now, months 6 to 7 is when we're starting to get some income. For my blog, personally, that income came through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, is the best way to make money online for a brand new blogger. The best part about affiliate marketing is that you don't need your own product to sell. This means you don't have to come up with a product to sell. You will actually get paid for promoting products that already exist out there in the world.

You can do this, for example, for Amazon. There are affiliates on almost all major retailers like Walmart, Target, etc. These are popular choices for influencers. There are also websites and databases that have tons and tons of brands for affiliate programs. Plus, there are all sorts of affiliate programs for software, apps, and there's even an iTunes affiliate program.

By using affiliate marketing, I was able to make my first $500 blogging. For me, that initial income came from affiliate links for web hosting companies such as Bluehost and Siteground. These companies align with my strategy because, remember, my website is designed to help people get started with their blog and with their online business.

I recommend these two hosting providers because I personally use them. This recommendation is not because of their affiliate structure or the money they pay me. Trust me, I actually got an email from another web hosting company that is offering to pay me $200 for referrals but I don't personally use them. Therefore, I don't feel comfortable recommending them to other people. 

So, when people click on these affiliate links on my website, I get paid a referral commission. That is how I made my first $500 blogging. However, this didn't happen until probably 5 to 7 months in, which was when I started to finally get a little traffic.

You Need Traffic

Something important you need to remember when you're trying to make your first $500 blogging is you're going to need traffic. Whether you're selling your own product or promoting an affiliated product, no one is going to be able to buy anything if no one comes to your website. So, that first focus during the first 6 months of your blog should be on how you can increase traffic.

This is the most difficult part of running a blogging business. There are no gimmicks here. When I started to increase traffic to my blog is when I started to earn money from my blog. The more traffic you get to your blog, the more money you're going to make.

Think about it this way. Let's say you have 10 people who visit your blog every month and only one percent of those visitors actually buy something. So, no one is going to buy anything if you only have 10 people coming to your blog. In order to get one person to buy something, you're going to need one hundred people.

So naturally, the best way to increase your income is to increase your traffic. Once you go from 100 visits to 1000, the number of buyers jumps up to 10 people. Then, once you increase to 10,000 visits, this number will jump up to 100 people. See how that works? Making more money in your business is directly associated with how many people are coming to your blog or website.

Of course, there are ways you can optimize your blog or website to increase your conversion from one percent to 3 percent. However, you also need to remember that increasing your traffic is going to be critical to make your first $500 blogging.

Like I mentioned, I made my first $500 from affiliate programs and that is something I highly recommend you do as well. I don't necessarily recommend that you need to be an affiliate for a hosting provider, but you need to find some sort of affiliate programs that align with your topic that you're blogging about.

There are affiliate programs for anything. Gardening, cooking, travelling, dancing, fishing, or anything you want to blog about. You could even be an affiliate for Amazon. If you can buy it on Amazon, you can make money from it as an affiliate just by signing up for an Amazon associate program. 

Just remember, don't get too excited and ahead of yourself thinking that you're gonna make $500 in your first week blogging. There is going to be a growing stage and a learning stage before you finally figure out how to make money from your blog.

If you need help figuring out how to optimize your blog, grow your blog, or start your blog, then I recommend you head over to this post, How to Create a Blog From Scratch. You can also check out my YouTube channel. Also, make sure you come back and visit so I can help you. I can give you tips and ideas to get your blog up and running. This will get you on your way to make your first $500 blogging and beyond to even $500 a week or even $500 a day!

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how I made my first $500 blogging