My #1 Strategy for Making $500+ a Month From Survey Sites

Making money as a survey affiliate (final)

In this post, I'm going to talk about my number one strategy that I use to make $500 or more per month on survey sites without taking surveys.

How Much Can I Make With Surveys?

Surveys are a great way to make money online because they're really easy. It's just a matter of clicking some buttons and bubbles and you're getting paid for your feedback. However, surveys are not the most lucrative way to make money online.

Most surveys will only pay you cents or even a couple of dollars for your time so it might only add up to being a minimum wage job. Survery are very easy and can be done from your couch in the comfort of your own home. Although, there's another strategy that you can use to make much more money from survey sites without actually taking surveys.

You can check out my YouTube video where I recommended my top 3 paid survey sites as well as a few other sites that I discovered that I've also added to the description. All of these survey sites are legitimate survey sites that I've personally made money from by taking surveys. Still, it is in my best interests not to spend much of my time taking surveys because I'm trying to build my online business.

Make Money From Surveys

I have learned a great way to easily make over $500 a month just from survey sites – without actually taking surveys. Let me show you how I do that.

Referring People To Survey Sites

One of my top survey sites is called Vindale Research. The biggest secret to survey sites: You can actually make MORE money through referring people to survey sites than you can by doing the surveys.

Surveys in my Vindale Research are currently paying out at about $1 or less per survey. However, I can make 5 dollars just for referring someone to Vindale Research. Now, if I were to complete four or five surveys, how much time would that probably take me to complete?

Generally, most surveys take about 15 minutes. So, to complete 4 or 5 surveys is going to take me about an hour. Do you know how much time it takes me to refer a friend? Zero minutes! Plus, I'll get paid more than I would for completing the surveys.  

Now, it's not like I'm trying to scam anyone. These survey sites are legitimate. If you do complete these surveys, you WILL get paid. I've done these surveys myself and gotten paid. It does work. I'm not going to promote survey sites that are spammy. However, it's much more time efficient and income efficient to refer these survey sites to other people than it is to do them yourself.

Let me show you another example here. Swagbucks is actually one of my favorites (I don't wanna call this a survey site) rewards site. Swagbucks is slightly different because you can install the Swagbucks Google Chrome extension.

The extension will offer you a little pop-up that would say click to activate Swagbucks and you get 7 percent back on whatever site you're on. This pop up is especially nice when you're shopping and activate the bonus to get extra Swagbucks points. 

After posting a video about these survey sites, I received over 1200 referrals which have earned me over 5000 Swagbucks. That five thousand Swagbucks roughly equals to about 50 dollars. So, by simply posting a link, I'm earning 50 dollars. Didn't take me any time other than making a short video.

Plus, all the kind people that watched my video and signed up for Swagbucks are now earning Swagbucks points for themselves through shopping and more. Then, in return I'm getting 10 percent of their earnings for the rest of the time they are on Swagbucks. That's the power of referrals to survey sites. 

So, the first thing that I recommend you do is actually signing up for survey sites. I have posted links below this post to all my favorite survey sites that will also pay you an affiliate commission for referrals. Plus, you can help me out by clicking on those links, and signing up. Then, you will get your own referral link that you can send to whomever you want. You can share this referral link however you want: through text, YouTube or to your friends on Instagram.

This is essentially a form of affiliate marketing by spreading the love to other people with these referrals. I'm recommending other people's products and, in return, they pay me a small commission. It's the same thing that you can do to build an online business. That's why I recommend to everyone that the best way to make money online when you're starting out is through affiliate marketing and, referrals to survey sites is affiliate marketing.

So there you have it guys! That's my super secret strategy for making money from survey sites without actually taking surveys. Overall, this method will pay you a lot more with a lot less work. This is not like a pyramid scheme or anything. This is just simple affiliate marketing. You're getting paid for recommending a company's product and in this case, the company is a survey.

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