Nordstrom Affiliate Program – How to Get Started

Nordstrom Affiliate (final)

In this post, you're going to learn how to sign-up for the Nordstrom affiliate program.

I talk a lot about affiliate marketing on my YouTube channel and this website. For a lot of you out there, especially maybe women who have good Instagram presence, the Nordstrom affiliate program might be something that would work well for you.

To sign-up as a Nordstrom affiliate, we're just going to go to and you can go to the affiliate program. Or you can just Google it (probably the easiest way to do it).

On the main page, you're going to click “apply now.”

I'm not going to walk you through the entire process because that's boring. But. you're going to fill in your personal information in the designated place. You are going to need a tax ID. If you have an LLC, you can use your EIN. If you have no idea what that is, a social security number will work just fine for tax info.

Then you are going to set up your account information. After that, you will put in your primary website information. Now, if you are an Instagrammer, you don't have a website. I talked about this in another article why every Instagrammer should have a blog. And this is one of the reasons right here – so that you can apply for an affiliate program. Even if you don't really use your blog a lot, maybe you're not posting articles weekly, but just having a website will allow you to sign up for a lot of affiliate programs. That's definitely something you want to check out if you don't have a blog right now.

Down the page is the payment threshold. This just means that every time you get 50 dollars worth of affiliate income they'll cut you a check. You can change that threshold to any amount but I think the minimum needs to be 50 dollars. That means you can't get paid less than 50 dollars at a time.

After that part, you will see the newsletters (for which you don't really need to sign up).

You're done! Agree, sign up, and that's it-you're ready to go!

Details of the Nordstrom Affiliate Program

Let's talk about some details really quickly of the Nordstrom affiliate program. Go to the main page of the affiliate program. There are just a few little tidbits of information but there's some interesting information or FAQs to touch on briefly here.

In order to get qualified as an affiliate, they might check your website (not exactly a background check). They might want to see what kind of content you have. They might want to check your social media profiles. They reserve the right, just like any affiliate programs, to reject you. It doesn't mean that just because you signed up means you get to be accepted. It doesn't cost you anything. They track with a cookie, like we talked about with affiliate marketing, meaning when someone clicks your link it will remember that link and then you'll get a commission or credit for whatever sales are made.

I believe the commission fee for a Nordstrom is 5 percent.

They're not super clear on that on their website. What I've heard is that it's 5 percent but it can change so influencers who have a lot bigger audiences might get a higher commission. And for those starting out, they might offer a lower commission. I think once you signed up and you're accepted, they'll let you know what your commission is going to be starting out and how to progress to a higher commission rate.

You'll get all sorts of information after you've been accepted into the affiliate program.

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