9 Bloggers Making Money in Interesting Niches

bloggers making money

It can be difficult to find a niche for your blog.  You may have asked yourself, “Will my topic even make money?” Many bloggers are tempted to choose niches for their blogs that they are not passionate about because they think it will make them more money.

In this post, I'll share with you 9 different bloggers making money in some unique and interesting niches.  You can make money blogging in a variety of niches!  If you're truly passionate about the topic, you're patient and consistent, you'll find a way to turn your blog into a money making business.

1.While She Naps

Abby Glassenberg blogs about designing and sewing stuffed animals!  She's got all sorts of good stuff on her blog related to sewing and turning it into a business.

She also has a growing podcast that she's using to promote her brand.

The last income I can find from her blog is from back in 2014, but she reports that she made $9,456.90 in gross revenue from her blog.  Over half of her revenue was generated from patterns that she sells on her website.

Abby is proving that being in a unique niche can be very profitable if you're consistent and patient!

Abby explains how she went from $2,689 per year to $40,000+ in just 2 years:

“I incorporated my business. I opened a bank account. I started doing weekly bookkeeping and using a calendar to plan the year. I started a newsletter. I paid a designer to make me a robust website. I wrote three blog posts a week without fail. I made 39 episodes of a podcast. I created a newsletter subscriber base and sent out a newsletter every single week. I made new patterns, wrote ebooks, and figured out what products to sell. I was on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook every day. Essentially what changed is that I decided to work on the business in a focused, dedicated way and the result is that now I actually have a business.”

2. Horkey Handbook

Gina Horkey teaches people how to become a virtual assistant.

Her flagship course sells for $197 and it features 9 modules to teach you how to start your own business as a freelance writer.  She's also got other courses to teach you how to run your own business as a virtual assistant for other people.

In a December 2016 Income Report she posted revenue earnings of $20,492!

This money comes from her own work as a VA/coach, her course sales, and affiliate marketing.

She's found a nice niche in online business and how to help others start their own successful business as a virtual assistant.

3. The Flooring Girl

The flooring girl is proving that you don't need to have an expensive fancy theme to find success blogging.  Not to mention she blogs about – flooring!

You'll find a ton of information about flooring on her blog.  She used to own her own flooring shop, but has been able to turn her blog into a successful business.

In an income report from September 2017, she reported earning $2,006 from her blog.  Most of that money was generated from affiliate sales and ad revenue on her blog.

It may seem like a strange niche for a blog, but she's proving that you can make money in very unique niches.

*UPDATE. I just heard from Debbie that she's now doing around $15,000 a month from her blog!

4. Succulents and Sunshine

A blog all about succulents?

It may sound like an interesting niche topic, but once you see the website you'll be very impressed with the quality.  Cassidy Tuttle loves growing succulents.  She also loves teaching other people about succulents.  She's got a free guide you can grab right on her homepage that helps you learn how to care for your succulent plants.

You can find a premium course on her site for $127 that will teach you all about growing your own succulents.

I'm not sure her exact income reports, but based on her site ranking and traffic numbers I'm willing to bet she's finding a lot of success in her niche!

5. Make Something

David Picciuto wasn't always into woodworking.  On his website, he mentions he pursued interests in music, photography, video, and graphic design, but found his niche in woodworking.

He now has a very successful blog and YouTube channel (with over 500,000 subscribers) and is making a living for himself teaching others how to create simple woodworking projects.

He's got a ton of great video tutorials and a simple website.

You may not always find your passion the first go around.  You also might surprise yourself by how lucrative some of your hobbies might be!

6. Orlando Date Night Guide

A blog focused on date night ideas in the Orlando area.  I don't know how you can get much more niche specific than that.

I'm not sure exactly how much money Kristen Manieri is making from her blog, but I'm very certain it's a full-time income at this point.  With stats like these you can be pretty sure it's close to a six-figure blog:

  • 70,000+ Social Media Followers
  • 22,000 email subscribers
  • 1.6 million annual page views
  • Average of 50,000 monthly unique visitors

7. Home Studio Corner

I really wanted to include Joe Gilder's blog on this list because I can relate with what he's doing.  The first blog I ever started was called “I Wanna Make a Song” which was based around my love for DJing and music producing.  I stopped that blog, but I still have a love for all things music!

Joe does a great job teaching people how to start recording from their own home.  He's got videos and articles to help aspiring musicians learn how to get their studio setup and how to improve their content.

8. Sewrella

Ashleigh is a crochet designer who teaches all things knitting and crocheting.

In an income report from February 2018 she reported earning over $9,000 from her blog.  As she says, “That's a lot of dough for playing with yarn!”

You may think that because someone is already doing it and making money there isn't an opportunity for you!  That is NOT true!  In fact, I like to tell people, if there are other bloggers out there covering the niche it's probably because it's a good niche to get into.

Don't be afraid to jump into a niche with competition.  You may think the audience is too small, or there's too many people already covering that topic…

There's still plenty of room for new insights and opinions in ANY niche!

9. Tonya Michelle

I recently met Tonya in one of my Facebook groups.  She reports earning around $20,000 a month from her fashion/lifestyle blog.

Fashion is another niche that has A LOT of “competition” but it's easy to see after talking to a few bloggers that A LOT of those bloggers are making really good money from their blogs.

Just because thousands of other people are doing it doesn't mean you can't do it too!

Fashion & Lifestyle blogging is a perfect example.  Everyone is different and unique in their own special way.  When you're authentic and show your true self people will relate to you and you'll find your voice and you'll find your audience.

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