How I Manage My YouTube Content Strategy Using Evernote

manage youtube content strategy with evernote

In this post, I'm going to show you how I manage my Youtube content strategy using Evernote.

So let's jump right into it. You've got a Youtube channel, you've got ideas for videos, but you need to stay organized.

That's the big thing here.

You need to stay organized with your business so you're not always scrambling to try to get something together. Trust me, if you can plan and organize your Youtube content strategy, you're gonna be relieved from a lot of stress, and you're gonna stay ahead of the game. You're gonna stay at the forefront of your Youtube growth.

So let's talk about how you can use Evernote or any other sort of program to stay organized with your content strategy.

One of the reasons why I like Evernote is because I can use it very easily here on my computer but then I can also use it on my phone if I need to. And I can use it for a few different reasons.

So I like to use it to come up with blog article ideas and write down my keyword research scores. I also like to keep my business operations in check and do some strategic planning for my Youtube videos.

So you can see here for my Youtube videos, this is what I would do. I would write down my series and, let's say, I want to do a different playlist. Thinking about your business or whatever topic your Youtube channel is, you can think about different mini-series that you can do. For me, I can do a series about Siteground, Instagram, iPhone settings, TubeBuddy, WordPress, and many other different sorts of mini-series.

And then think of videos that fit within those series. So then if I was doing, let's say, a Siteground series, I would type out Siteground and then I could come up with or brainstorm with ideas like “how to get Siteground hosting,” “how to setup Siteground SSL,” “Siteground cpanel tutorial,” and many others.

I'll just brainstorm and put down some different ideas. And then the next that I would do is (like the one I've shown you in my Youtube channel video about how to do Youtube keyword research), I would go and search these terms and I would look for a more refined keyword to use.

So let's say if I were going over to Youtube “how to get Siteground hosting” and it wasn't the best keyword score using TubeBuddy but “how to setup Siteground hosting” was a better score, then I would just change it.

And then after I've done some research for it, maybe I can make it a bold so I will know if that one is ready to go while the other ones I haven't checked them yet on TubeBuddy.

I haven't optimized the keywords yet. And something else that I like to do is if I want my title to be a little bit more catchy, I'd also put underneath the actual keyword.

So let's say the actual keyword is “Siteground hosting,” I would type that beneath on my video idea. Let's say the name of the video is “How to setup Siteground hosting in 5 minutes”  (some crazy title I wanna use), and then underneath that I would put the keyword so that I'll remember when I'm making the video, the keyword for this video is “Siteground hosting” so I need to make sure that I say that in my video.

When you have a Youtube content strategy like this where you're consciously thinking about these sort of things, it helps you stay a lot more organized. Because pretty soon you'll have a long list of videos that you're ready to produce and then you can sit down and do a back recording.

So you can sit down and record 5 videos, have it all written out, know what the title beforehand, quickly review your notes for the keywords for each title ideas.

For this example, we have the keyword “Siteground hosting” for the title “How to setup Siteground hosting in 5 minutes.” And then you can easily jump right into it and at the back of your mind, you know “I'm gonna throw about Siteground hosting,” based on your keyword.

You're just making sure that you mention it in your video so that you can catch that Youtube search algorithm.

So that's just a simple easy way to stay organized with Evernote for your Youtube content strategy. You don't have to use Evernote, you can use any tools like iPhone notes, etc. I'm not an affiliate with Evernote or anything but that's what I use.

I also like to use Microsoft Excel that's something I'm using a lot more just because I like the way it breaks down the columns and sorts different categories a little bit easier. So I'd be probably doing another video later on and show you how I sort my Youtube content strategy using Excel.

But a simple note app that sinks on your computer and your phone nicely will help you stay organized, give you a kind of an idea to move forward about what type of videos you have to create.

This works for all types of videos. You don't have to be an instructional tutorial “How to” channel to do this. It could be for vlogging as well. You can plan out vlogs instead of just guessing and vlogging about whatever, hoping that it's going to be a good one.

Do a little research.

Plan out 5 videos or 10 videos in advance. Do the research and find the keywords so that you can sprinkle them into your vlog. Then you'll feel a lot better about your vlog doing better in Youtube search instead of just being a trending video and then being done after that.

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how I manage content using evernote