How often should you post on your blog for best results?


Let me get straight to the point.

You should post as often as you can provide value.

  • If you can only post one blog article per month, but that article is an epic piece of content, great!
  • If you can post great content weekly even better!
  • If you can post great content DAILY then you are about to become a blogging all-star!

There is no right answer to the question: How often should you post on your blog for best results?

The answer to that question is different for every person (which is probably what you don't want to hear).  But I'm going to give you some guidelines and tips to help you discover what your ideal blogging schedule might be.

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What is the topic of your blog?

This question is referring to the topic of your entire blog.

If you are a lifestyle blogger, you probably have a wide variety of topics you can cover.  You might write about a vacation one day, and the 5 things you bought at Target the next day.

Lifestyle bloggers may find it easier to write content more frequently because they have more topics to write about.

If you have a blog specifically about Garden Gnome Decorating you might find it difficult to come up with quality content on a daily or weekly basis.

As a general rule, the broader your topic, the more frequently you should be posting.

More is better if it's quality.

If it's not quality content, don't post it.  You'll do yourself no favors by posting daily if your content sucks.

It's better to post one great post per week, than it is to post 5 crappy posts every day.

The next three sections of this post will cover in depth strategies for posting once a month, once a week, or every day.


I want to post once a month

Posting once a month is the bare minimum that any blog should consider.

If you are a brand new blogger you should be posting more frequently (see next section), but if you've been blogging for over a year, posting once a month or once every couple of weeks is just fine.

For SEO purposes, Google likes to see fresh content.  According to many SEO experts, “fresh content” means posting to your blog at least once per month.

A once a month post should be very in-depth.  A good rule of thumb is to try for at least 1,500 words or more with your post.  If you are still trying to grow your readership through SEO or social media, you want to make sure your post is very comprehensive.

12 blog articles per year (once a month) are not enough to really gain momentum with your blog unless those 12 articles are the best articles on the internet for the topic.

Like I mentioned before, if you've been blogging for over a year (with success) you can consider posting once a month.

If you're a brand new blogger, posting weekly will be your sweet spot.


I want to post once a week

Posting once a week is the best schedule for new bloggers.

One new blog post per week is manageable for most people.  A once a week blog article needs to be high quality, but it doesn't necessarily need to be the greatest thing on the internet.

That relieves a little pressure from content creation.

If you are posting once a week, shoot for articles around 500-1,000 words.  The more words the merrier in 2018, but writing good concise articles around the 1,000 word mark should be sufficient.

The nice thing about blogging once a a week is that you'll have fresh new content to promote weekly on your social media channels.  This will show your social followers that you are active and rolling with your blog.

Once a week blogging also keeps you in a good pattern.

You shouldn't feel overwhelmed posting once a week, but it's also frequent enough to push you a little to reach your goals.

I highly recommend weekly posts to any new blogger, or seasoned blogger who is looking to boost his or her readership.


I want to post everyday

Posting daily is for the unicorns.

It is very rare to find individual bloggers who post daily.

Most websites that post daily articles, like the Huffington Post or Forbes, have teams of writers or guest posts.

Posting daily should help you grow faster.


It is extremely difficult to manage.

I don't recommend anyone to daily blog for one simple reason…


I can almost guarantee that if you are a new blogger you will burnout if you try to keep up the pace of blogging daily.

It takes a lot of mental and emotional energy to write high quality daily articles for a long period of time.  If you are blogging daily (and not suffering) your quality probably isn't very good.

Sorry to say it…

That's why I say daily blogging is for unicorns.  Only the supernatural gifted people can blog daily (for a long period of time) and provide high quality content repeatedly by themselves.

If you are considering blogging daily, might I suggest doing daily series?

10 articles in 10 days around a specific topic.

You can do little series like this to boost excitement around a subject, and then give yourself a few days to relax and recover.

I've done this with vlogs and seen good results.

How often you should blog

To recap what we've discussed in this post, you should post as often as you can provide value.

If you are a unicorn and can post daily, great!

Beginners should shoot for at least once a week.

Experienced bloggers with good success and readership can tone it down to once a month.

There are other really good strategies that might work better for you like twice a week, or every other week.  Don't be afraid to test out some different posting frequencies.

Do what's manageable for you!

If you can't keep up the pace of once a week, don't stress yourself out over it.  If you're not enjoying it, it's not going to be worth it anyway!

Find a good schedule that works for you and do your best!Join our Facebook GroupHow often should you post on your blog for best results? Learn how often to post new blog articles in order to see the most growth and traffic from google. SEO is very important and consistency will help your SEO efforts!