Learn to Write as a New Blogger – 10 Easy Tips

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A blog can make or break your business. Whether we like it or not, your blog is one of the most essential marketing tools. It is your portal to build trust with your audience, educate your readers, generate traffic, and build your brand. If you can learn to write engaging content, you'll find much more success as a blogger!

For new bloggers, creating content to keep your readers’ attention can be a bit challenging. In this post, you will learn to write engaging and valuable content.

Tip #1: Search for relevant questions to answer

As a beginner, you are probably excited to write about things that you find interesting. But the question is, what topics should you write about?

In life, there are thousands of questions that need answers. People are continually looking for answers to these questions. Be part of that solution by learning to write engaging content that answers questions.

Tip #2: Start with a compelling title and opening paragraph

Learn to write compelling and useful titles. As bloggers, we need to immediately get the attention of our readers in the first paragraph and get them to read the rest of our content. Learn to write a creative title and engaging introduction to entice your readers.

Tip #3: Create an easy-to-follow outline

An essential step of learning to write a great blog post is to develop an outline. Keep the juices flowing by starting with an introduction, followed by a series of headlines, and ending it with a conclusion. A lot of readers often find long articles boring. Dividing your content into chunks will help you write better and keep your audience scrolling down.

Tip #4: Write down your ideas

Never be afraid to explore different ideas. Millions of people around the world have millions of great ideas, but only a few of them turn them into useful content.

If you think there is a particular question that needs to be answered, go ahead and jot down your ideas. Get in the habit of reading other blogs, books, or resources to keep you updated and knowledgeable about the topic you want to write about.

Tip #5: Become a storyteller

Great bloggers are storytellers.

Often times, you will find blogs that tell an engaging and exciting story. It doesn’t have to be a “once upon a time…” story either. Creatively convey your experiences and ideas by telling your audience a story they can relate to. Stories can easily resonate with people and create a strong bond with your readers.

Tip #6: Address your content to a specific audience

Before writing your content, you need to know who your readers are. It is easier to write content if you know the specific needs of your audience.

You can also create a different tone for a diverse group of readers. For example, if you are creating content for software programmers, your tone could be a bit technical and professional. If you are creating content for stay-at-home moms, your tone could be casual and conversational.

Learn to write in different tones and voices, and you'll be able to cater different pieces of content to different types of readers.

Tip #7: Show readers the value in your content

One of the main goals of your blog is to develop trust with your readers. By showing your expertise about a topic, you are building the value of your content.

Don't be shy about your knowledge and never underestimate the value you can provide!

Tip #8: Make sure your content is SEO-optimized

Blogging is becoming more and more competitive. It is very common to write a great post and not get the reader results you hoped for.

To increase your online visibility, it is vital to follow the basic SEO (search engine optimization) principles through optimized keyword headings, anchor texts, meta descriptions, and including your target keywords throughout your content.

Tip #9: Write informative, useful, and relevant content

We want to create posts to educate our readers. Learn to write content that is informative, useful, and educational. People like to read for one of two reasons: entertainment or education.

Tip #10: Be inspired by other great writers

You will learn valuable lessons from other bloggers. Try to read the work of successful bloggers for inspiration. Learn their techniques and methods that you can apply to your blog. Reading will consistently fuel you with a lot of ideas ( whether it’s connected to your topic or not) and help you think outside of the box.


New bloggers who are just starting out may find the journey frustrating at first. The good news is that you don’t have to have a specialized degree to become a successful blogger. Invest in yourself and learn to write great blogs by following some of the steps above. With consistent practice, you are assured of becoming a persuasive writer who can produce high-quality blogs.

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