Niche vs General Blogging – Which One Makes Money?

niche vs general blogging (final)

In this post, we're gonna talk about niche blogging versus general blogging and how you can make either work for you.

Now, if you're just getting started or considering starting a blog, you may have asked yourself the question,

“Should I start on a niche blog focused on a specific topic only or should I start a general blog where I give myself the freedom to write about different types of topics?”

Let's first break down the differences between the two.

You've got over here niche blogging and over here general blogging [see video]. So, niche blogging would be something that's focused on very specific topic. This could be something like arts, or even more focused, you could do painting, it could be focused on cooking, it could be focused on basket weaving. Any sort of very specific niche topic would be considered a niche blog.

Now, a general blog can be something like a lifestyle blog. That's a term a lot of people throw out – I'm a lifestyle blogger! It's kind of a fancy way to say that you're a general blogger. You just blog about anything. So lifestyle blogs may have multiple topics. Maybe they have a category on their blog for cooking, a category for travel, a category for decorating. You might have a few different interests and you don't wanna focus on one sole interest so you write about a lot of different types of interests.

Now, let me talk about some pros and cons of each type of blogging.

So let's start first with niche blogging. Let's talk about some pros and some cons.

A very big pro with niche blogging is that you're very focused for SEO.

Now, Google loves niche websites. If you have a website that's very focused on a niche topic, Google views that as high authority. They wanna see a website that is one stop shop for information, that has information about everything involved in a very specific topic, a place where people come and stay for a long time because they're diving deep into the details of the topic.

Now, a con or (one of the biggest cons) of a niche blog is that you can be very limited. You can be limited in your content creation, meaning that maybe you have a very small niche like underwater basket weaving. And how many blog articles can you really write about that? How many different topics can you cover about that specific niche topic?

So you could be limited in your content creation strategy but you can also be limited by your audience. A lot of people like to think “Oh, I'm a lifestyle blogger so I can appeal to everybody!” Whereas if I'm only blogging about crocheting, then only people who like crocheting are going to want to read my blog. 

Now, I don't think that limiting yourself as far as audience goes is a bad thing because usually, people that focus down are actually the ones who grow a bigger audience. But being limited can be something that can, I guess, scare away some people from niche blogging.

Let's talk a little bit about some pros and cons of general blogging.

Now, you're going to see that these are kind of the opposite of what we've just talked about. The pros of general blogging are options. People have a lot of options. There are a lot of different things you can write about. There's a lot of people you can reach.

But one of the cons is the exact opposite of what we talked about with niche blogging.

It's that you are trying to please everyone. Now, this can actually be a bad thing in the eyes of SEO and Google but it can also be a bad thing for building an audience.

It's kind of like the saying, “He who chases two rabbits and catches none.”

If you're always all over the place with your topics and you're writing about this and that, first of all, Google is not going to know what your website is about. They're not gonna know where to put you, where to rank you, what type of content you're creating on a consistent basis.

The other thing is that your audience might be all over the place. Maybe someone wants to read about travel but then you're writing about cooking and then nothing to do with cooking. So that can also be a challenge with general blogging – you're trying to focus on everyone when in reality you're attracting no one.

So that brings us to the big question. Which one is right for you?

Now, the truth of the matter is there is no right answer.

There are thousands of people being very successful with niche blogging and general blogging. The more important thing when choosing a niche blog or a general blog is choosing your content strategy.

Come up with a very specific content strategy that fits your needs and your desires. It's important that you're doing what you want to do. If you're forcing yourself to one path or another because you think it's the best business decision, it's actually not going to be the best decision for you in the long run. You're not in it for the right reason.

Now, I know a lot of people say “Oh you got to be in for the right reason. Don't be in it for the money. Don't be in it for the business.”

I don't believe that.

I think it's great to start things with the business mindset knowing this is a good business strategy. This is a good business decision. But if it's not the decision for you. It's not gonna matter.

If you go to start a niche website because you think “Oh, if I blog about drones, I don't like drones at all, but if I blog about drones, I'm gonna be really rich and successful because there's a huge need. It's a great opportunity and I'm niche focused. People buy drones and they're expensive.”

That's not gonna work out in the long run.

You're not gonna enjoy writing about it. It's gonna be torturing you. It's not gonna be fun for you. And all the reasons that you wanted to start a blog for – to give you freedom, to be fun, to be engaging. You're not doing it for those right reasons. And it's not gonna be a successful business.

When on the other hand, maybe you want to write about a lot of different things but you're worried that it's not gonna be the best business decision. If you love it enough, you will find a way. I promise you.

So if you're gonna do a general blog where you're gonna write about a lot of things, that's great! Just know that you need to have a strategy in mind if you want to turn your blog into a business.

And if you want to do a niche topic, realize that you're not gonna please everyone. You have to get that out of your head. You're not gonna attract everyone. But you'll find that usually the more you're focused you are, the more people you'll actually reach.

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