3 Hobbies That Bring Happiness in Life

3 hobbies to bring happiness (final)

In this post, we're going to talk about 3 hobbies that will bring you true happiness in life.

I'm wanna to talk something a little bit different. I wanna talk about 3 hobbies that everyone should have that will bring you true happiness in life. I actually saw this on Instagram a little while ago and I really wanted to share with you guys because it really stood out to me. It really made a lot of sense to me as far as how to achieve happiness in life.

So let's talk about those 3 hobbies.

#1 Find a hobby that makes you money

That's why I love building an online business. A personal business that you love, that you enjoy. It's not a 9 to 5 job that you dread to going everyday. You have to drag yourself out of bed to go to and it's just a means to an end.

Building your own online business is a great way to have a hobby that you enjoy that can actually make you money. And who knows, someday it could turn into a full-time income.

#2 Find a hobby that keeps you in shape

Now, this is different for a lot of different type of people. For me, personally, I've really dialed down on this hobby and that is going to the gym every morning. So five days a week, I guess during the weekday, I'm at the gym working out, every single morning. I try not to skip days. I try to make it every single day of the week.

And I've noticed a huge change in not only my physique but in my energy throughout the day. I'm more energized, ready to go for the day. I feel better about myself, I feel more healthy, I feel better when I look at myself. It just improves your overall satisfaction with your body when you find something to keep you in shape.

So whether that's plain tennis, basketball, running, or swimming, find some sort of physical activity or hobby that will keep you in shape. If you love being outside, try to get in a lot of hiking, or mountain biking. Or if you like to be indoors, like I said, you could work out and play basketball. Find a hobby that keeps you in shape.

There's a lot of health benefits to physical activity. Not only for looking better or feeling better about yourself. But it helps you live longer and be happier.

#3 Find a hobby that keeps you creative

For me, this hobby kind of ties into number one. My online business is creating contents. So there's a lot of creative juices there that I like to use to make videos, to write blog posts, to create media, instagram, pinterests, or Facebook.

But for you, it doesn't necessarily have to do with your online business. Maybe you like painting, maybe you like pottery. You could think of other things that are creative that don't necessarily have to be with arts. MAybe you like playing video games, maybe you like fishing. Just find some sort of hobby that kinda gets your creativity flowing. It's gonna help your imagination stay strong like it was when you were a kid. it's gonna keep you more positive and upbeat, and help you look for creative ways to make an impact on your life.

Wrapping things up…

I strongly believe that these 3 hobbies will bring you true happiness in life. Now, each of these brings their own unique challenges. Finding a hobby that makes you enough money for a full-time income is difficult. Finding a hobby that keeps you in shape can be difficult. It's hard to go to the gym. It's hard to wake up and go running. Find a hobby that keeps you creative – maybe you don't feel like you're creative. Maybe you don't like painting. Maybe you don't like drawing or you don't feel like you don't have something that keeps you creative.

My challenge to you is to just go out and try new things. If you don't have a hobby that makes you money, I'd invite you to find one that makes you money. Even if it's just a few dollars on the side. It doesn't have to be a full-blown entrepreneurial online business. Find a little hobby that you can do to make some extra spending money.

Find a hobby that keeps you in shape. If you don't like lifting weights or working out, try basketball, try swimming, try hiking, try something new. You might find something new that you'll enjoy.

And then find a hobby that keeps you creative. Maybe give painting a try. Maybe give coloring a try. Maybe give fishing a try. Try a new hobby. Think of something new that you can do to spike your creative interest.

I hope this post was helpful to you because, for me, it has been very beneficial. Not only to help me achieve my online business goals but just to be overall happier in life. Try to stay balanced in all areas of your life. And I believe that will bring you true happiness.

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3 hobbies that bring happiness