Is the iTunes Affiliate Program Worth Your Time?

Is the iTunes affiliate program worth your time

Did you know that iTunes actually has an affiliate marketing program? Meaning you can make money referring people to download apps, music, movies, anything from iTunes you can make a commission.

But is it worth it?

In this post, we're going to talk about iTunes affiliate program. Let me tell you about my iTunes affiliate program account so you can know exactly the kind of returns you can expect from referring people to download apps, music, movies, or whatever it is through iTunes.

The big question that a lot of people are asking is if being an iTunes affiliate is really worth it. Meaning, is the payout that you earn from iTunes affiliate worth your time to create that content?

This is a hard lesson that I actually learned from myself.

My iTunes Affiliate Results

When I first started this channel, I was producing a lot of app videos, a lot of iPhone videos. I did serious write-ups on apps in 30 days where I reviewed 30 iPhone apps and posted a video about each one with links to the downloads on iTunes.

If people ended up purchasing or upgrading or whatever with the app, I earn a commission. However, the commission is very, very small. The commission rate for most apps and music is right around 2 percent. Meaning, if someone spends 2 dollars on an app, you earn 2 cents for that referral.

The result that I got from my YouTube channel over the past year or so was 5,700 clicks. They are all clicks from my YouTube description in my videos. So, thousands of people were going into the description and clicking the download link of the apps I was reviewing.

The items (next to the number of clicks) are actually the number of how many apps are downloaded. People may have clicked the link, went to the app store, and then thought “actually, I don't think I want this app!”

About half of the people ended up downloading the app. Now, we're gonna get back to this payout number. The next is the revenue number which is the amount people spend on this app. So, as many of you know, most apps are free. Or a lot of apps are free and then offer in-app purchases like you download the app for free, but if you want the full version or whatever, it's gonna cost four ninety-nine. So, my 151 dollars was from people who downloaded the apps and ended up paying for some type of in-app upgrade or they paid for an app that wasn't a free app. And that's the amount of money that Apple made.

The payout (next to the number of items) is what I earned. You're reading that correctly. That says five dollars and sixteen cents. Five dollars for all those videos I made, all those links, all those clicks. 5,000 people clicked my links which means I did a good job in promoting them because people ended up clicking them. But for all those clicks, I ended up making 5 dollars.

What does it mean?

This means that I do not recommend relying on the iTunes affiliate program to change your life.

I don't recommend building your entire business model on the back of the iTunes affiliate program because you're going to need millions of clicks in order to make any type of income that will allow you to live a lifestyle that you want with your online business.

I do think it could be a valuable way to supplement your income and diversify your revenue stream. I'm always about diversifying in your business platforms, getting as many revenue streams as you can. However, judging from my results, you can get tons of clicks, tons of downloads, people can even pay for the apps, but you're gonna make a very, very small portion of those sales.

So, if you are promoting apps, promoting music or whatever on your blog or website, it doesn't hurt to throw in the links – an affiliate link – because you can earn a small commission. But I wouldn't expect it to be life-changing income for you. It's not going to be thousands of dollars a month unless of course you're a massively successful blogger or YouTuber and you're getting millions of people watching your videos and downloading apps.

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are about the iTunes affiliate program or about promoting apps or music on your blog or website.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about all of these. And let me know what ideas you might have for using the iTunes affiliate program.

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