Does Your Domain Name Matter for SEO?

does domain matter for SEO (final)

Does your domain name matter for SEO? This is a big question for a lot of bloggers who want to get an exact match domain name so that it's optimized for keywords you can rank in Google a little bit easier.

In this post, we're gonna talk about using exact match domains and whether or not you should be using keywords in your domain name, or if it even matters at all.

Let's talk a little bit about domain names for SEO.

Ten years ago, it was beneficial to get an exact match domain name for whatever type of topic you were interested in. So if you were gonna write a blog about weight loss for moms and if you had the domain name, you would potentially rank really well for that keyword because Google was looking at your domain name saying, “Wow, this website is exactly about weight loss for moms so I'm gonna push it on to the top.”

Well, a lot of people started to abuse that and so Google in 2012 came up with an exact match domain update where they are actually penalizing sites who don't have rich content around their domain name.

So if you do desire to go for an exact match domain name, you better have really, really good content on your website. Because if you don't, Google is going to penalize your site and you're not going to show up in the search results.

With the new algorithm update, domain names for SEO are not as important as it used to be like I said.

So what I'm telling a lot of bloggers who are getting started with their blogs is don't worry about your domain name. I got a couple of videos on my Youtube channel that talks a little bit more about finding the domain, my recommended method for finding the domain name, and where to buy your domain. But your domain really isn't as important as it used to be.

There are some factors that I've talked about and teach that I do think are important from a user perspective. Not so much on the SEO perspective.

You don't want to use numbers in your domain name because people won't know if they should type the number or spell out the number.

I wouldn't use any special characters, I would not use dashes, I would not use any interesting spellings or words that could be misspelled frequently. There's a lot of little things that I talk about on my blog. But choosing a domain name isn't as crucial as it used to be.

So as what I would recommend to a lot of people getting started with their domain name is just go out there and find a domain name that fits with you. It could obviously have a keyword that revolves around your topic. But it doesn't really matter – it's not gonna make or break your blog if you can't find the domain.

If you wanted to do weight loss at home or weight loss for moms at home and you can't get the domain, it doesn't mean all is lost.

You can find a different domain name and your domain name doesn't have to be the same name as your blog. It can be similar like it just includes some of the words. So if your blog is how to make cat costumes and that's the title, “how to make cat costumes”, but the title is not available as a domain name, then just do cat costumes DIY or whatever domain name is available that's similar to your blog title.

If you're ready to get started with your blog or if you want to start a blog or learn how to start a blog, go check out the links of our Youtube videos. We have step-by-step instructions to show you exactly how to get started with your blog today including how to find your domain, how to choose your domain, how to link up your domain, and many others. It literally spells out everything for you so go check out these links.

If you have any questions, leave your comments below, whether its questions about domains or getting started with your blog and I'd be happy to help you out!

does domain name matter for seo