How Often Should You Post on Your Blog?

How often to post (final)

How often should you post on your blog? This is a topic up for much debate among bloggers. In this post, we're going to get right to it on what is the best frequency to post your content to your blog.

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Let's talk about how often to post your blog. There's a lot of different factors here and there's a lot of different variables. So it could be different for everyone. But let me talk about some of the principles that you should keep in mind when you're trying to think of how often you should post.

1. Do What’s Best For You

If you don't have the energy or time to post daily, then don't try to post daily. It's just gonna drive you insane! If you think “oh, I have to blog daily!” But when you're trying to do it, you're so stressed out and you can't do it, then that's not for you. Regardless of the results, that's not for you because that's not why you're blogging. You're not blogging to be stressed. You're blogging to have more freedom, more time! So do what's best for you.

2. Do What’s Best For Your Readers

Depending on what type of blog you have, what type of content you're writing, maybe daily blogging is awesome for your readers. Maybe they think of it as a great way to start their morning. They read your blog every morning.

Or maybe, they don't want to see your stuff every day. Maybe they only want to see your stuff once a week. Maybe they only want to see your stuff once a month. Think about it this way. Let's say you have a hundred loyal readers. If those hundred loyal readers want to see only one post a week, but everytime you post, all one hundred people read the post, you're gonna get a hundred readers that love your stuff. But if you've got a hundred readers that only want to see once a week and you're posting daily, and they aren't reading your blog at all, then that's not worth it.

So think about your readers, think about how often they're reading your blog. Ask them. Send them an email. Ask them in your blog articles – how often do they want to see your articles, what kind of content are they looking for, how often are they looking for your content. So that's tip number two, think about your readers. Ask your readers.

3. Measure the Results

So this is diving a little bit into Google analytics. So maybe, let's say, you've found a good rhythm for you, or you have a range. Let's say, maybe two posts a week to four posts a week is manageable for you. It's also manageable for your audience. They don't mind two, they don't mind four. So with that, you're trying to think – do I post two, or do I post four? Should I post three?

Dive into your Google analytics and experiment. Try posting twice a week for a month or two, then try posting four times a week for a month or two. Measure your analytics, are you getting more traffic? Or are you getting less traffic? How is your blog growing when you post twice versus four times a week. Look at your analytics, and your analytics will tell you if you're posting too much or not enough.

Wrapping It Up

These three tips will help you learn how often you should be posting to your blog, how much content you need to be coming up with.

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How often to post