Are Facebook Groups the New Facebook Page?

facebook groups new page (final)

In this post, you're going to learn how to use Facebook groups to grow your online business.

Now, we're going to talk about Facebook groups as opposed to Facebook pages. I've talked a lot about this before –  if you have an online business, you should be building a Facebook group and not worrying so much about building a Facebook page. Yes, you will need a Facebook page to run Facebook ads. But there's really not organic reach anymore with Facebook pages.

If you're producing video content, I still think there might be a few future opportunities for Facebook pages using the new Facebook watch feature. But for most business that isn't creating a lot of video content, just maybe written content or pictures, a Facebook group is going to be a lot more beneficial to you because you're going to get a lot better engagement.

Now, let's talk about creative ways to use a Facebook group to build your business. It doesn't really matter what type of businesses you have. I think a lot of people get trapped in the thinking that they can only talk about their business. But to be honest with you, you can have a Facebook group that can be built around a hobby or common interest that your target customer or audience share.

So even if you're selling tools or hardware equipment, something you know that is kinda random that you might wonder “I don't know if I'm gonna have a Facebook group around this.” You can think. Maybe people buying tools have a common interest in home improvement. Or DIY projects. You can build a Facebook group around that common interest and talk about different things that relate to that interest. That relates to home improvement.

You see there's a lot with home improvement stores where they do a pretty good job with putting out content that relates to DIY projects and how-tos. But for any of you out there that have any sort of business, think about what type of group you could create. Think about your target audience. The type of users that are viewing your content, reading your blogs, buying your products, where are they interested in?

And then think about what kind of group you could create on Facebook that talks about those interests, that talks about different types of hobbies or different types of activities. You could learn together. You could share ideas together. Facebook has come out and said that they are going to start promoting Facebook group posts more often. Because they wanted to focus on building a community. And that's what Facebook groups really are. They really are a tight-knit community of people with a shared interest where they can discuss their ideas openly.

So I challenge you to get on over to Facebook and think about how you can create a group. Start joining some groups that revolve around your common interests around your target audience. See what kind of conversations are successful and try to see what you can implement in your own Facebook groups.

And I invite you to join my own Facebook group Learn How Blogging if you are interested in blogging or building an online website. Coz we're discussing some of these same things in there about content marketing strategies and how to build a community on Facebook.

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