Should You Still Try to Grow Your Facebook Page?

should I still grow a facebook page (final)

Should you still be focusing on growing your Facebook page? Or with all the new Facebook algorithm changes is it still worth pursuing? In this post, I'm going to talk about some strategies you should and could be using to build your Facebook page and whether or not you shouldn't even be worried about it at all.

Now, Facebook pages are new topics of much debate in the online business world. Because if you would have built a Facebook page like 8 years ago, you probably have thousands of followers and page likes.

But with the reason, Facebook algorithm changes and the changes over the years, the importance of growing a Facebook page has been declining drastically. Facebook has even said that Facebook page is now getting only 4 percent reach. Meaning, if you have a hundred followers, only 4 people or less are actually going to see your Facebook page post.

So in a little bit, I'm going to talk about strategies that you can use to grow your Facebook page and why you would want to grow your Facebook page.

But first, I wanna talk about an alternative to Facebook pages and that is Facebook groups. I would highly encourage you to come up with a creative way to start growing a Facebook group around your business.

I have a Facebook group that helps bloggers called Learn How Blogging so if you're a blogger, come and visit us in our blogging group. We have other bloggers and we talk about strategies to grow our blogs.

But for you, maybe you're into a plumbing business. You can be of any type of business that you might traditionally think of building a Facebook page but try to think a way to build a Facebook group.

Maybe, if you're a plumber, you could build a Facebook group to teach people how to fix at home plumbing issues on their own. I'm sure there's a lot of people who would be interested in that type of content and you'll never know.

It actually could be a great way to grow your business off Facebook as well. So go experiment with creative strategies that you can use to build your Facebook group around your business.

But let me get back to the Facebook strategy. Now, here's one scenario where I would recommend growing your Facebook page and it is a very pro tip Facebook ad strategy that you can use. Let's talk about Facebook advertising.

Let's say you're running a Facebook ad campaign and you're targeting cold traffic. So these people have no affiliation with you, your page, or website. Let's say you're getting clicks for one dollar. You're getting one dollar clicks to your website.

An alternative strategy is to run a Facebook ad campaign for page likes. So you're running a campaign to grow your Facebook page. Let's say you're getting page likes for 10 cents per like. So 10 cents is what it costs to get some of the followers for your Facebook page.

Now, here's what you do. You run are retargeting campaign to target just people who've liked your page. So you've built up 10,000 page likes. And now you're getting clicks from them for only 70 cents. So if you do the math here, if you want to go after cold traffic and get a click to your website, it's gonna cost you a dollar.

You want to go after people who have liked your page. It will cost you 10 cents to get them to like your page and then 70 cents per click. So that's a total of 80 cents. So you're getting cheaper clicks in the end. Cheaper clicks doing a Facebook campaign that way.

Now, I'm not saying you're going to get 10 cents likes, you're going to get 70 cents clicks. That's just an example that works for a lot of people when running Facebook ad campaigns.

So, that would be a scenario I would say to go ahead and grow your Facebook page if you're gonna run a Facebook ad campaign. But just spending money to grow your Facebook page, just to do organic reach, you're not gonna find a lot of success there. So that's something I don't really recommend anymore.

I just don't recommend trying to grow your Facebook page, that's why my Facebook page has a thousand people. It went up to two thousand pretty quick and it just stuck there. Coz I'm like, I really don't need to grow my Facebook page anymore.

I have a Facebook group. I have other methods of building an audience. But if you are already doing some sort of Facebook advertising, that's something to look into.

So go start your Facebook group. Come join us in our Facebook group if you are a blogger. If you're thinking about starting a blog, I've got more information on that on our website. Come get to know us on our Facebook group and think about ways to start your Facebook group and start building that community.