How to Make Money Vlogging on YouTube

how to make money vlogging (final)

In this post, we're going to talk about how you can make money vlogging on Youtube.

Vlogging is still a very popular way for people to build an online business by just creating content – by simply filming their everyday lives. There are thousands of people making a full-time income on Youtube vlogging.

Now, if you're not familiar with vlogging, vlogging is blogging in video form – so, vlogging. And a lot of people wonder how do these people make a living by simply filming their lives.

They film themselves folding laundry, making dinner, taking the kids to school, and shopping at Walmart. How can they possibly be getting paid enough money to sustain themselves with a full-time income? Let's talk about a few ways that you can monetize a Youtube channel as a vlogger.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to monetize your vlog is with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting other people's products in exchange for a commission (I have another video on my channel that talks a little bit more about that). But for most vloggers who are doing affiliate marketing, they are promoting products or mentioning products in their video and then putting a link to the product below their video.

A lot of people are doing this with Amazon and with other networks such as CJ and Share a Sale. These are affiliate networks that you can join and some of your favorite brands are on these networks.

If we think about Amazon associates, someone might be doing a video or vlog and they're doing the dishes. Maybe they mention in their vlog “Hey, this is my favorite dish soap to use in washing dishes. I've tried other ones but this one is my favorite one. I actually have a link right here in this video so that you can grab it on Amazon.”

When people click on that link and go to Amazon and shop, not only if they buy this soap but if they buy anything else, that person will earn a commission for that sale.

A lot of vloggers are doing this where they'll show products around their house or during the day, and then they'll just do a quick mention to it in their video and it will be linked to the description of the video where people can click through to go to Amazon to buy the product. 

Youtube Ads

Another popular way to make money as a vlogger is with Youtube ads. Now, Youtube ads are not the best way to make money online. It's not really a sustainable way to make a full-time income as a vlogger unless you're getting millions of views on your videos. You're probably earning pennies on a dollar for every view that you're getting. So, until you've gotten to a point where you're a massively huge vlogging channel, Youtube ads probably won't earn you a full-time income but it can be a supplemental way to make money from your vlog.

Brand Deals

Another very popular way that vloggers are making money on Youtube is through brand deals. Now, what is a brand deal?

A brand deal is when a company or brand sponsors a video for whatever reason. So it could be that you're a vlogger and you have small kids. Maybe a toy company, like Hasbro or some other type of company that makes toys, sends you a toy and offers to pay you $500 to create a little segment in your daily vlog about the toy.

There might be restrictions or requirements saying it has to be 3 minutes long, you have to show the toy three times, you also have to post on Instagram, etc. You'll come up with a contract when you create a brand deal. But a lot of vloggers are doing this because it pays upfront. It's not like relying on the affiliate sales like you would with affiliate marketing. You're getting the money upfront. And the bigger your channel, the more you can demand for this type of video.

Some channels can charge thousands of dollars for brand deals to simply mention a product in their video. But the good news is for new vloggers, even for vloggers with small channels, you can still make decent money with brand deals if you have the right targeted audience.

A lot of family vloggers out there that are focusing more on a specific niche or topic are finding opportunities for brand deals early on because they have a very specific audience that specific brands would like to reach.

[see video]

Let me show you an example really quick of a very successful vlogging family and you can see some little clues right here how they monetize their family business. So I'm right here on one of the videos of The Ohana Adventure, you could see right here in the description of their video a lot of clues as to how they're making money from their vlogs. You could see right here at the back that this video was sponsored by

So, obviously, Disney is paying them some sort of upfront fee to talk about Disney doorables in this video.

Some other clues down here, if you keep on scrolling, other ways they're making money. Right here you've got merchandise. Here's a link to the family store that they've created where they are selling t-shirts, hats, and other types of merchandise to their fans.

As a new vlogger, you're probably not gonna have a lot of success selling t-shirts and hats with your logo. But once you start to build a following, you might see that people are interested in those types of products.

We don't really see any affiliate links right here on this channel's video, but let's see if we can find some affiliate links in some other videos. There's another very famous vlogger on Youtube named CaseyNeistat (you've maybe heard of him). What something that he used to do very early on in his videos is he was really a big time Amazon affiliate. So he would put a lot of links to Amazon from his camera gear, to his tripods, to his drones, and he would make significant money promoting just the simple gear that he was using to record his vlogs. And people would buy cameras, drones, and many other things, and he would earn a commission of those.


So as a vlogger, try to think of some different ways that you can monetize. You can monetize through affiliate marketing, you can monetize through Youtube ads, and you can monetize through brand deals and merchandise. There are all sorts of ways to monetize as a vlogger. You just need to be creative and strategic.

Go over to some of your favorite vloggers on Youtube, look at their descriptions, watch their videos with the intent of how they are monetizing this specific video.

What is their strategy behind this video because I can promise you that all of the successful vloggers on Youtube have a strategy behind every video that they produce. There is something that they're doing with a strategy in mind to monetize their vlog so that they can have a sustainable online business.

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