How to Make Rich Pins for Pinterest

how to set up rich pins on pinterest (final)

In this post, you're going to learn how to make rich pins for your Pinterest account.

I'm going to show you how you can enable rich pins for your Pinterest account to help boost the SEO of your pins on Pinterest.

Rich Pins

What are rich pins?

Rich pins are when you're able to create a pin from a blog article from your website and it extracts all the meta data from your blog article and automatically uploads it to Pinterest. 

On my Pinterest account, you can see an example of a rich pin. When you open a pin, you'll automatically see the title of the blog article, as well as the meta description from my blog article. I did not have to type this in on Pinterest. This was extracted from my blog article because I have rich pins enabled. You'll also see a nice link to the website and a lot of good information.

If you scroll down further, you can see the description that I created for this pin which is a little bit different than rich pins itself. 

To enable rich pins quickly, go to your Pinterest profile, go to the top right corner and click on the three little dots, and then click “settings.”

You are going to see some information about your account. You are going to scroll down to the claim section. That is where you're going to claim your website (you can learn more about claiming your website by clicking the “learn more” link if necessary). This will teach you step-by-step on the different methods you can use to claim your website.

You can add a meta tag to your website, and you can upload an HTML file. It's very similar to claiming your website on Google console or some of those other websites.

After you've claimed your website (basically verifying that you own your website), you're ready to enable rich pins. When you've done that and your website is claimed, you can see a green check mark next to your website. That means you should be good-to-go with your rich pins. If you want to check to make sure that your rich pins are indeed working, you can go to the developer tool from Pinterest and validate an article from your website.

If you want to try it, grab a link from one of your blog articles and go back to this tool.  You could copy the URL and click validate to make sure that your rich pins are working. You will be able to see that your rich pins are approved and working on Pinterest. You will see that it's extracting the site name, the favicon, the retina icon, and it's getting all sorts of information. That is how you'll know if your rich pins are actually working.

You now know how to make rich pins for your Pinterest account!

When you hear people saying to “make sure rich pins are enabled”or “make sure you're using rich pins,” now will you know exactly how to get those set up. Doing that will give a nice SEO boost to your pins.

Pinterest likes when you validate your website because they'll know that you're the actual owner of those blog articles. It will also help you with your analytics and a lot of other features with Pinterest.

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