How Much Do YouTubers Make per Month for 50K, 100K views?

how much do youtubers make (final)

In this post, you're going to learn how much money YouTubers make for getting 50k or 100k or more views every month on their channel.

Most people have seen some videos of the biggest channels currently on YouTube. These guys are getting millions of views to their channels every month.

Let's do a little math here and see if we can dissect how much money these people are making on a monthly basis from their YouTube videos. Go to the Dude Perfect YouTube channel. This is a popular YouTube channel. They do stunts and stuff like that. You've probably seen them if you've been on YouTube.

If you go to Social Blade you kind of get a sneak peek at their views and what they're doing on a daily and monthly basis. Go to the peak section and look on column video views. They do give estimated earnings but it is in a big range – anywhere from $600 to $11k that day – that's a pretty big! Let's use our own estimate here.

What you want to look at are the last 30 days. That's about the average per month of how many views they're getting. You can see on the page that Dude Perfect is getting right around 200 million views every month. That's insane!

In another post, I talked about how to do the math to see how much people make for a million views. I'm going to tell you really quickly how to do the computations. Simply divide 200 million by 1,000 which equals to 200,000. Now, 200,000 x $2 for every thousand views on YouTube Adsense if, let's say, the channel was getting Adsense. They would earn $400,000 every month just from YouTube Adsense.

Let's think about other ways they're making money. With bigger channels, usually, there's more to the story than just YouTube Adsense. Go to another YouTuber, Logan Paul. He is a vlogger and a 22-year-old kid who does crazy stuff all the time. However, he does something that I want to point out as a strategy for him to make money as an influencer.

Now, he's not really selling courses and technical things but he is selling, right from his channel, is his merchandise. He talks about it all the time. Maverick, I guess, is his brand and he sells t-shirts and hoodies and all sorts of stuff. He's selling merchandise as another way to make money from his channel. He's probably making a lot more than just ad revenue on his videos.

The other thing that a lot of these bigger YouTube channels do is brand deals. Just like holding up a jar of Goldfish crackers in their video, Goldfish is paying them 10k dollars. Or for driving a Subaru in their videos, Subaru is paying them 5k dollars. They have big deals with big brands that pay them to use their products throughout the content.

What percentage of their income actually comes from YouTube Adsense revenue?

We can't really answer the question of what percentage of a channel's revenue is from YouTube Adsense and what percentage is from affiliate marketing, merchandise, and all that kind of stuff. However, I do know that from talking to other YouTubers, usually, YouTube Adsense is a very small piece of their pie when it comes to their revenue. I know most channels don't rely solely on YouTube Adsense revenue (that wouldn't actually be a smart business strategy). There are multiple ways that these people are making money from their videos. It's not just from ads on their YouTube channel.

What is the better way to make money? Through ads or through product sales?

Well, that really depends on what type of channel you're doing and what type of product you're selling. If you are selling electronic products, you'll probably have good profit margins. You can sell them at a little higher price. If you're selling merchandise like t-shirts or iPhone cases, you will have a smaller profit margin. You might only make a couple of dollars off each sale. So, you're going to have to sell a lot of those to make your money. However, for people who are selling more technical products like courses and things, they're selling courses for 300 dollars or thousands of dollars. I've seen three thousand dollar courses that have very little cost associated with those courses. The cost of creating them is basically the only cost so they are making big, big profit margins. This is why smaller channels can sometimes make a lot more money than bigger channels. I've seen channels with 10,000 subscribers making a million dollars a month. And then there's a channel out there with a million subscribers that are only making a few thousand dollars a month because they have a different business strategy. They're selling different types of products at different price points with different profit margins. So, it really depends, on what your strategy is, and what type of products or services you are able to offer through your YouTube channel.

“How many views do I need to make a living on YouTube?”

I know we've talked about getting 50,000 views a month or 100,000 views a month. Let's do the math really quickly. If you're going to get a 100,000 views a month on your YouTube channel and you have Adsense enabled (we're going to assume 2 dollars per 1,000 views), I can divide that by 1,000, get 100, do 100 x 2 dollars, so you're probably making around $200 a month from YouTube Adsense. That's for getting 100,000 views on your YouTube channel.

Two hundred dollars, as far as I know, is not enough to survive. I highly recommend making more than $200 a month if you want this to be your online business. If we're assuming that right now you're only getting 100,000 views a month and you're making somewhere around $200 in YouTube Adsense, you need other methods of making money through your YouTube channel.

If you're a smaller channel, you're probably going to have a hard time getting brand deals. Usually, brands work with people getting a high volume of views, really good engagement,  and a ton of subscribers so it's going to take some time for you to get to that threshold and to the point where you're able to get some really solid brand deals that will pay you enough to make a living.

What can you do in the meantime?

In the meantime, you can do affiliate marketing. I've talked about this all the time as the best way to make money for those of you starting out online. Affiliate marketing, of course, is promoting other people's products or services and getting paid a referral commission. There are a lot of companies out there – Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, and Walmart to name a few. A lot of software companies have affiliate programs, as well. All these companies will pay you a referral commission for sending customers to their websites to buy stuff.

So, if you're only getting 100,000 views and you're getting a 3 percent click-through rate let's do some math. Let's say, of a 100,000 views, 3 percent of those people are clicking affiliate links and buying products. So, if we multiply that with 3 percent, that's 3,000 clicks a month. $3,000 people are clicking links, and going to websites to shop. Of those 3,000 people, let's say, that 30 percent of those people end up buying the product. That means that 900 people a month are buying stuff on your behalf because you sent them to those stores.

It really comes down to what products you are promoting and how much you get paid as a referral commission. Let's say, on average all of these products every month, you are earning 5 dollars per referral. So, if we did 900 x $5, you're making $4,500 dollars every month from affiliate marketing on a channel that's getting 100,000 views. You see how much more effective that is than YouTube Adsense where you're getting $200 a month? Now we're making a living! I'm pretty sure that $4,500 a month or roughly around $54,000 a year is a full-time income especially for a lot of Americans out there.

Think a little bit outside the box with your channel if you are at that point where you are getting 100,000 views or 50,000 views or 20,000 views. No matter how many views you are getting, start thinking about other ways to monetize than just YouTube ads because that is not going to be the best way for you to make a full-time income.

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how much do youtubers make (final)