How Much Does YouTube Pay You For 1,000,000 Views?

how much does youtube pay for 1 million views (final)

Have you ever seen the super popular video “Charlie bit my finger” that has 800 million plus something views on YouTube? Have you ever wondered how much money they make for that video?

In this post, you're going to learn how much money you get paid for every one million views on a YouTube video.

There's a good chance that you've probably seen the aforementioned video when it came out a long time ago and went super viral on social media. If you look at their video, it has, as of this post, 865 million views on this video alone.

If you think about how much money they would have made just from that video alone, we are going to break down some numbers-basic Adsense numbers from YouTube.

Now, it's pretty safe to assume that you can get paid once you qualify for the YouTube Adsense program. You can get paid $2 for every 1,000 monetized views (which means a video that has ads enabled on it that has been reviewed and approved for ads $2 for every 1,000 views).

Let's do some quick math right here. For “Charlie bit my finger,” for 865 million views, we divide that by 1,000. That's 856,000. Now, if we were to multiply that by $2, we would get how much Adsense revenue that it could make from that video alone. It could make a whopping $1.73 million dollars just from this video alone, for getting 856 million views. That's insane!

However, there's something super important to keep in mind when you're thinking about creating the next viral YouTube video that's going to get a million views and you are going to retire and move to a beach.

Let's look at the math behind the one million views.

If you had one million views, you would, of course, divide by 1,000 to get 1,000. If you were to multiply 1,000 by $2, you get paid $2,000.

If you do create a viral YouTube video that gets a million views, you can be pretty confident or comfortable I guess that you're going to make $2,000 Adsense revenue. Now, that might not sound as life-changing as $1.7 million but there's also something else to keep in mind here when you're going about creating your next viral YouTube video. You have to be approved for the YouTube Adsense program to get paid in the first place.

If you don't have a YouTube channel or you just started a YouTube channel and you make a video, you go out there and it goes crazy viral and get a million views, I'm sorry to break the news to you but you are not going to make any money from that video. Here's why.

In order to get paid by YouTube through their Adsense program, you need to qualify.


First of all, you need to make sure that YouTube Adsense program is available in your country. If you're in a country where they don't pay you for ads, I'm sorry but you're not going to get paid.

You also have to make sure you have 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months. If you do have a mega-viral video, you're not really going to have a whole lot of trouble getting to that pretty quickly.

This is the big tricky one right here. You have to have 1,000 subscribers. A lot of people get hung up right here when they're trying to qualify for YouTube ads since they don't have 1,000 subscribers yet. So, you need to work on building your subscribers. Once you get to 1,000, you can apply for YouTube Adsense. And then once you make a viral video, you will get paid for every view on that video.

That's how much money you make for one million views on YouTube. Now, this does fluctuate but a pretty solid estimate is 2 dollars per 1,000 views so you can make 2,000 dollars from YouTube Adsense if you get one million views.

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how much does youtube pay for 1 million views (final)