How to Find Good Keywords to Target for YouTube Videos

youtube keyword research (final)

Youtube keyword research still is relevant today for ranking your videos on Youtube. In this post, you're going to learn how to find good keywords to target for your Youtube videos.

I'm a big believer in Youtube keywords research because it's what helped me as a small channel rank videos for very competitive keywords.

I was very strategic about how I went about constructing my videos – the title, description, tags – the three big ones. But also about the words I use in my videos because remember, the words that you use in your video are actually just as important as what you put in the title, tags, and description.

So let's talk about how to do Youtube keyword research using my favorite keyword research tool called TubeBuddy.

To do this, we're going to jump right through my computer and show you exactly how I do my keyword research. Like I mentioned, TubeBuddy is my preferred tool for doing keyword research.

I've also used vidIQ but I've just found this tool, for me at least, doesn't seem to give the most reliable data.

I felt like the data that I've gone with from TubeBuddy has gotten me better results, if that makes sense. So instead of optimizing around vidIQ keywords, I optimize around TubeBuddy results and my videos seem to do better when I do it that way.

So that's what I'm going to recommend. Our Youtube video provides the link to TubeBuddy. Start it for free and I do highly recommend it!

Let's go right here – I'm going to open up TubeBuddy.

What you're gonna do is you're gonna use the tag explorer feature to do your keyword research. So this is how I go about doing keyword research for my Youtube videos. Let's say I have a topic in mind for a video.

And let's say, for random example (I have to do this example a lot even though it has nothing to do with my channel), let's do the ketogenic diet.

So I want to do a video about the keto diet but I'm not really sure exactly what long tail keyword I wanna target because I'm not really sure what the results are. So I'm just gonna type in keto diet and I'm gonna start basic.

Now, look at a few things here. Usually, I'm gonna look at the keyword score for this keyword. You can see right here it is a poor keyword to target. Let me just point it right here.

It's a poor keyword to target. It's an eleven! And that's really, really low. That's because look, there's a lot of competition. I mean, a lot of people are making videos with the keyword keto diet. But the search volume doesn't match how many videos are out there.

So, there are a few different things we can do. We can click on some of these most used tags. Or my favorite thing to do is go over to auto-suggested. Now, auto-suggested was suggested keyword search term on Google and on Youtube that you can target for your video.

Remember, your videos can pop-up in Google search results. So do not disregard the Google keyword results over here. That's also a good place to look for keywords as your target.

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start first with this one – ket diet for beginners. And then I'm gonna re-evaluate. Wow! When you look at the results, I have never, I'd be totally honest with you guys, in my life seen a keyword score 100 out of 100. Ever. Literally. I did not plan this. I just came up with the word, keto diet for beginners, it's a 100 keyword score!

If I was doing any sort of diet or fitness Youtube channel, I would one hundred percent be doing a video called keto diet for beginners. I would optimize everything about that keyword – the title, the tag, the description – and what I say, I make sure I say it in the video because that is amazing.

Who knows, maybe if I say keto diet for beginners enough in this video, that will actually rank for keto diet for beginners.

But you see right here, look at the competition – low competition. Meaning not many videos (the green there) and look at the search volume! It's super high! So that's a good news.

Tons of people are searching, but not a whole lot of videos. So what is that mean? Youtube is going to be pushing videos up to the top. You're gonna be pushed on the top. That is how I do keyword research. I start off with just a pretty simple keyword, and then I go to auto-suggested and I look at some suggested.

Now, this was amazing for a first try. So let's try something out. Let's see if we can find something a little bit more difficult. Let's try weight loss and see what it has.

Okay, so same sort of thing. The initial keyword, weight loss, is obviously super competitive. It's a poor score.

I would not target weight loss for my video. And then let's gonna look at auto-suggested. We got a weight loss journey. We got weight loss transformation, weight loss motivation. I would think different about these suggested. I would think about what resonates best with me.

Honestly, all these different search terms could be a different video which is amazing. You can do a video about weight loss journey. You could do another video about weight loss transformation. Another video about weight loss hypnosis. So, as you can see, there's a lot of different content ideas right there for you.

So let's look at this weight loss workout. Let's see what kind of results we'll have. So you see right there, our results have already improved. At this point, we are at a very good 79 which is amazing.

Still, I can't believe how lucky we're getting with our search terms. But if it wasn't that quite good enough, let's say we're still getting a low score, this what I could do. I would go to auto-suggested again and notice that it gives me a longer tail keyword.

So I've got weight loss workout at home, weight loss workout routine. Let's try this one – weight loss workout at home. Now we're getting longer tail keyword, more focused. And boom – another 98! I seriously cannot get over how lucky we're getting with this keyword search terms because I've never seen scores that high.

But here you go – weight loss workout at home is a great idea for a Youtube video. So if you have a fitness channel, health channel, info channel like that, weight loss workout at home – optimize your video around that and that's gonna help you rank at Youtube search results.

Most of my video views come from Youtube search because I optimize my keywords around keywords that I could rank for. The thing about optimizing your videos around Youtube search is that you could get more evergreen traffic. You can get more consistent traffic long term.

If you just do like trendy topic videos, you'll get a really high spike maybe in views. But after that, it's just totally gonna drop down and you may never get views ever again. Whereas my videos tend to be a slow climb in increase of views over time, and they seem to maintain in that steady pace.

That's how easy it is to do keyword research with TubeBuddy. Grab TubeBuddy for free using the link in our video and get started doing keyword research for your Youtube channel.

You can see how important it is and how vital it is to have a success as a brand new Youtuber. You're trying to rank for these competitive terms as a brand new Youtuber like a hundred subscribers or something. It's really gonna be difficult for you. But it can be done if you're very strategic in the keywords that you target for your videos.

That's how I was able to get videos with over a hundred thousand views as a brand new Youtuber. It's because I was smart and strategic about doing my keyword research.

So grab TubeBuddy now and let me know the questions you have through the comments below!

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