How to Post on YouTube Daily in Only 4 Hours a Week!

how to post daily videos on youtube (final)

In this post, you're going to learn how to post on YouTube in only 4 hours of work per week!

This blog aims to help people learn how to use technology to build an online business and create a life of freedom. That's the keyword here. You want to have more freedom to do what you want, where you want, when you want.

Creating your own online business that takes up all of your time isn't actually giving you a life of freedom-that's likely the whole reason why you started an online business to begin with (or are considering it because you want to do what you want on your own terms). If you're a slave of your own online business, you're not living life on your terms.

In this post, I will tell you how you could create daily content for your YouTube channel but only work for about 4 hours a week on the actual content.

This is something that I learned when I was starting my YouTube channel. It has come a long way. Things have evolved and I've learned a lot over the last year while building my YouTube channel. I've learned something very important that has helped me not only produce more content, but produce content more consistently and at a higher level of quality. The key to success is batch producing content.

What does that mean?

When I was first creating my YouTube videos, I would film my video and then I would stop it, edit it, create the thumbnails, post it on YouTube, hit publish, and be completely done. That whole process would take me a long time from start to finish because I would have to plan the video.

I would have to get my computer ready to plan for it. I'd have to set-up all my equipment, set up all my lights, set up the camera, and then film it. After that, I had to get everything to my memory card and edit it, export it, and upload it on YouTube. I was doing all these different steps one at a time for every video.

Batch Producing Content

When I learned about batch producing content, I was able to save a lot of time and produce videos on a more consistent basis. What I do now is have my studio set up right in my office.

Behind the scenes in my studio I have my camera already set up on a tripod and my lighting stand permanently set up. I have a white board with notes to help me out. I have my overhead Go Pro with my microphone if I need it ready to go.  I have a light that helps light the back wall behind me.

I've have some other things I use, as well. I use a little bit of foam to help focus my camera and I also have a little zoom recorder ready to record the audio. I leave everything setup this way so when I film, it's just a matter of turning on the lights, turning on the camera, and I'm ready!

The next thing I do is film in batches. I'll sit down and film 5-7 videos at once. To film 5 to 10-minute videos will usually take me an hour or maybe an hour and a half. I could film a video for every day in a week- in an hour and a half!

Once I'm finished, I'll collect all my memory cards and I'll upload all of the content to my computer so that I'm ready to go into editing. When all my content is on my computer, I can have an editing session where I just edit back to back videos, and I can get through 5 or 7 videos in 2 or 3 hours.

So, in about 4 hours, I can film & edit a week's worth of videos ready to go on YouTube!

The next part would be simply creating a thumbnail, uploading the content to YouTube, and scheduling it out. Like I teach in my podcast, I like to stay ahead of the game so that I'm not stressed about creating content for my channel.

Something that I see a lot of young YouTubers doing as they are getting started with their channel, they're trying to create video content, but they're getting stressed out because they've missed a day or missed a week or missed a month of posting content to their channel.

When you stay ahead of the game, then you don't have to stress about that. You can go weeks without filming and still have content going out everyday. You can enjoy your weekend because you have your content scheduled ready to go out on your channel. That's how my channel has been operating for the last few months. I have daily videos coming out because I plan ahead and I batch produce so I have content ready to go.

By using this method, I was actually able to go an entire month without filming any new content for my channel. I had enough content already filmed, edited, ready to go. That way, I can basically take an entire month off and do nothing and still have content ready to go. Then, when I'm ready to come back to film some more, I can film and then get ahead of the game once again.

To create daily videos for YouTube channel and spend less than 4 hours a week, it all comes down to batch producing your content. Get everything set up like you can and then film as much as you can in one sitting. When it's time to edit, do the same thing. Edit as much as you can on one sitting so that you'll have all your videos ready to go. You can do this, like I said, in 3 or 4 hours a week and have daily content for your YouTube channel.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about YouTube and about building an online business- ask away in the comments below!

How to post daily on Youtube in onlyl 4 hours a week