The Ideal YouTube Thumbnail Size

The ideal youtube thumbnail size (final)

In this post, you are going to learn the ideal YouTube thumbnail size.

I'm also going to tell you how to make your image the ideal YouTube thumbnail size.

To answer the question, the best size for a thumbnail for a YouTube video, as stated by YouTube, is 1280 x 720. This is also the same size as a 720 video.

Why is having a good YouTube thumbnail important?

The YouTube thumbnail is what catches people's attention so they would want to click your video. Sure, the title does help, but the thumbnail is what grabs their attention so they actually end up clicking on it.

It is important to have a good YouTube thumbnail. It is important to have a clear thumbnail. Not a fuzzy or blurry one that's hard to see. You'll want a good quality image.

Why does the size matter? First of all, you can't have a YouTube thumbnail that's massive. It has to be less than 2 megabytes, otherwise, you can't upload it as a thumbnail. You don't want it to be too small because it's going to be fuzzy or blurry. If people see a fuzzy or blurry thumbnail, they're not going to click on it because it's probably going to be a fuzzy or blurry video (at least in their minds).

The best size for your YouTube thumbnail is 1280 x 720.

How To Make A Youtube Thumbnail The Right Size

Let me tell you a really easy way you can make sure that your YouTube thumbnail is 1280 x 720. In this example, I'm going to use Photoshop but you can use any other photo editing software (there's a lot of free ones out there you can use). 

  • In Photoshop, create a new canvas and make it the exact size you are looking for. I would make it 1280 by 720.
  • Use 300 as the resolution and click “create.” That is the ideal YouTube thumbnail size as stated by YouTube themselves.
  • Open up your image. If I have my thumbnail image downloaded to your computer, simply open it in Photoshop.
  • Select the entire image, copy it, and paste it on this image. You'll see that it's not 1280 x 720. It's massive.
  • Select the image and scale it down to the proper size. Move it around so it fills your frame how you like it, and press “Enter.”
  • And now you are done. Ensure that your image is 1280 x 720 because you are pasting it in your new canvas.
  • Save it as a JPEG because you can make into a smaller file size. If your image is less than 2 MB you are good to go with the image.
  • Click “export” and upload it as a YouTube thumbnail.

I do recommend that you use a .jpg format for your YouTube thumbnails. You can use some other formats but JPEG is going to be the best quality with the lowest file size. Just use JPEG, it's easy! Make sure it's less than 2 MB, 1280 x 720, and you are good to go!

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The ideal youtube thumbnail size (final)