The Perfect YouTube Banner Size

the perfect youtube banner size (final)

In this post, you're going to learn the perfect YouTube banner size.

As stated by YouTube, the ideal banner size or the perfect banner size is 2560 x 1440.

Now, how do you get the perfect YouTube banner size? There's a lot of free programs out there that allow you to get a good YouTube banner. In this post, we will use a free platform to get the perfect YouTube banner size.

I'm going to use Fotor because I know that they have a preset template for YouTube banners. In Fotor, go to “find templates,” then go down and click “YouTube channel art,” and finally, choose “movie.”

There are some cool templates on Fotor (some of which you have to pay for-just find a free one for now).

Edit a template that is 2560 x 1440 px. That is the perfect size for YouTube channel art or YouTube banner. You can simply go in, edit the text, move it around, choose a new background, image, and do all sorts of things to make your YouTube channel art. When you are finished, upload it to your YouTube channel.

Now, something to keep in mind, is that when you upload it to your YouTube channel, it's going to look different on different devices. You may see on your YouTube channel art that it's a long narrow strip. However, if you look at the full image, it does not look the same on different devices.

Your art can look different on mobile, on the computer, and on the TV. The art on the TV may look weird, but honestly, not many people see your YouTube channel art on a full screen TV. Have you ever seen someone's channel art on a TV? I never have. That's why I don't really care what it looks like on a TV. I care what it looks like on desktop and mobile.

When you upload your image, make sure that you preview it on different devices because if it's cutting off words on desktop and cutting off words on mobile, then you know you need to go back and make some adjustments. Maybe make the text smaller so that it fits on the desktop and mobile. That way, when someone sees your channel and text, it's not cutting it off or something is missing. Everything fits nicely.

Once you get your channel art looking nice and crisp on desktop, you can see the subscribe text, the new videos daily text, and on mobile you can read the text as well.

I'd love to check out your channel art if you do have a YouTube channel. If you do have a YouTube channel, leave a comment with a link to your YouTube channel so I can come and take a peek at your channel art (maybe you can get some inspiration from other people, as well!). 

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the perfect youtube banner size (final)