Are .com Domain Names Still the Best Domain Type?

why com domains are best (final)

In this post, you're going to learn why dot com domain names are still the best domain types today.

If you're ready to start your blog or website, you're probably looking for a good domain name for your blog. I have other articles on the website that talk more about buying a domain name, where to buy a domain name, and how to find a good domain name but in this post, I'm going tell you why dot com domain types are still the best domain name extension type that you can buy.

It's actually not just my personal opinion. This comes straight from the mammoth of the internet (of which we all love), Google. Google has already personally stated (through its employees) that .com domain names are still highly favored with Google.

If you're blogging or starting a website, Google needs to be your best friend. Google is going to be the river of life that sends consistent traffic to your website. It is your top priority to please Google.

You might be saying, “I can't find the domain name with a .com extension that I'm looking for.” For example, I hear a lot of people say that they have a particular domain name in mind, like they want to do (I use this example all the time) because it is the “perfect” domain name. They feel like it fits exactly with what they are trying to do with their blog or website but the .coms are already taken or it's $37,000. Good news! You don't need to be super particular about your domain name. Pick a domain name that's close to what your target or preferred domain is and you're going to be just fine- just make sure it ends in .com.

In 2012, the Google master of web spam, Matt Cutts, said, “Google has a lot of experience in returning relevant web pages, regardless of the top-level domain. Google will attempt to rank new top-level domains appropriately, but I don't expect that new top-level domain to get any kind of initial preference over a .com.”

What does that mean?

It basically means that using a different type of extension like a .us, .pizza (or whatever you find on your domain register) isn't actually going to get any type of preference over a .com.

The .com is the oldest and most established domain types and Google recognizes that.

3 Tiers of Domains Types

The website actually ranks top-level domain types into 3 categories.

They have the first and top tier which would be the .com, .edu, .gov. These are very trusted domain extensions.

Their second tier would be extensions with a country code such as or something like that.

They actually categorized domain types into a third tier which can actually be, what they say, detrimental to your SEO success. These are domain types that are frequently used with spam websites and other types of inappropriate websites. Associating with those types of sites on the internet with the similar domain extension can actually hurt your brand. You can even get an SEO penalty or simply lose trust from Google and from your website visitors.

The Worst Domain Types to Use

What are the worst domain types to use? A company called Spamhaus actually did a report that showed the top 5 spammiest domain extension types.

  1.  .science. They reported that 92% of websites using this extension were spammy.
  2.  .stream. They identified that 89% of websites using this extension are bad websites.
  3.  .men I think we can guess what type of websites might be associated with that…
  4.  .party Well, that sounds like a good time!
  5.  .top They reported that 60% of websites using this extension were spammy.

At the end of the day guys, you really just want to stick with the .com. It might be easier to get another extension or different domain type with the ideal phrase you want for your domain, but it’s not worth it. A .com domain is trusted by people around the world. It’s trusted by Google. It’s more of a solid foundation for your brand and for your website.

You’re gonna feel a lot more confident telling people to go visit your .com website than your .pizza website or your .cookie website so stick with the .com domain name and get started with your blog or website today!

I’ve written articles that will show you exactly how to buy a domain, where to buy a domain, and how to set up your blog. It takes like less than 15 minutes! I’ve got full instructions for you so go check out those links above and get started with your blog or website- TODAY!

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