Can’t Find a Good Domain Name? This Website Will Find One For You!

The number one question I see on facebook blogging groups, from people who are looking to start a blog is “I can't come up with a domain name, help me find a domain name, I'm stuck trying to find a domain name, I don't know what to do from my domain name.” And honestly, it's not that big of a deal.

Your domain name is not really that important. It does not need to be the perfect domain name. If you can't get the domain name because it's taken, your life is not over. There are other domain names out there and I'm going to show to you in this post a great website to help you find the best domain name available for blog title or blog name. So let's jump right into it.

The website is called and it is awesome. All you have to do, literally, is type in keywords – words that describe your blog or your blog name, blog title, what you want your blog to be called and it will spit out a hundred of recommendations for you. So let's do one right here.

Let's say, you want to start a blog and what you're gonna talk about your blog are cooking, diet, and keto. Type in these words, press space and press generate and voila! So many different domain names are gonna pop-up that is available.

So you've got common domain names, you have new domain names with different fancy endings that I don't recommend, by the way, short domain names which I also don't recommend, but there's a lot of different results. It even has fun domain names, similar domain names, SEO domain names – there are so many different recommendations that literally, it's the easiest site ever.

So this is what I recommend you do. I'll work through this domain list and I'll look for the one I like. Such as, it has all the three words here but it kinda sounds robotic.

When you look under the fun results, you'll find cookiediet (it's kinda weird),,, and many others. Let's look under the SEO tab. We have,,,, blah blah blah… Then we have – I don't recommend using numbers in your domain so I'm not gonna do that one.

So let's just say is the one you want to do.

From here, what you have to do is go to our good friends at Google domains (I have another video that talks a little more about Google domains). You're gonna go right to the Google domains and you're gonna type “” in the search bar and then when it shows up right here, you're gonna click on that little shopping cart and buy it so you're going to have that domain.

As you can see, helps you find domains easily. Literally, you'll just need to type in keywords. Let's say you want to try “cooking mary.” Boom! We have,,, and many others. It basically spits out a lot of variations and ideas for the keywords that you want to include in your domain name!

So go check out Name Mesh guys.

And once you're ready to start your blog after you have your domain, you need to know how to get your WordPress started. WordPress, of course, is the best platform for creating a blog. Our website has separate posts with a free guide, free course that shows you literally step-by-step how to start a WordPress blog with Siteground hosting which is the best hosting in the world.

So make sure you're going to check that out – bookmark it, email it to yourself, save it in your notes (whatever)! Simply read our posts or watch our videos once you are ready to start your blog to follow the step-by-step instructions. We'll show you how to use Google domains and link everything. Then you're ready to start your website and ready to start blogging!

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