How To Register A Domain Name With GoDaddy

register domain with godaddy (final)

In this post, you're going to learn how to register a domain name with GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is a very popular website to purchase domain names. So let me show you really quickly how to register a domain name through GoDaddy.

The first thing that you're gonna do is you're gonna go to and then you're gonna search for the domain name that you'd like to buy. So let's just do Let's see what's available here for us. So is available for 37 thousand dollars (yeah we're not gonna do that)!

Let's pick something a little bit (it could just be crazy) but just for this example let's do that. Let's try Okay, so it's available at 11.99 USD a year, that's fine!

So then we're just gonna click add to cart and continue to cart. Alright, let's see what we've got added on here and talk about it. They've added privacy and here's why. When you buy a domain name, you're actually required to put your contact details (name, street address, phone number) so that people can find you if they need info about the domain name. However, you can add privacy protection which will hide your personal contact info from anyone who's searching the internet for details about who owns the domain name. It does cost a little bit extra but I do recommend it just to keep your personal information more private. You don't really want your address and phone number and everything out there for everyone to find for your domain name.

So we can add privacy protection right there for 9.99 USD per year. You can also create an email address associated with your domain name for as low as 4.99 a month. I'm actually going to skip that option. And I've got some other videos that I can show you how I set up my personal email using my domain name and I don't pay for it. So I'll just show you that in another video on how I get that for free.

Let's continue with these options and see what our total comes to. So now we've got over here some recommended things you can add such as search engine visibility. I don't really recommend that. There are other ways to increase your search engine visibility for free.

Also, some matching domain names are available like you see here. None of them are dot coms and I always recommend that you get a dot com domain name. I've got another video about why that is which you can watch on my channel as well.

Now, on the upper right of the page, you can choose how long you want to register your domain name. So the default right here is two years. But I can click the dropdown and change that to one year. Let's check on some details because it's very important.

The cost now becomes 11.99 USD a year like you saw, but it renews at 14.99 USD a year. So at year 2, when you renew your domain name, it's actually gonna be 14.99 USD a year. If we change this, you'll notice that the first year is 11.99 USD, and then 2 plus years 14.99 USD. So you see right there that it's the same thing. The first year is 11.99 USD and then after that, it increases.

So that's something to keep in mind with GoDaddy. Don't be deceived be the domain name cost for that first year because they will actually raise the prices on you. And then you got your domain name privacy. If I switch the registration back to one year, it's just gonna stay at 9.99 USD for a year. So our total for this domain name for one year comes out to be 22.16 USD.

So that's just something I wanna show you. Keep in mind that the domain name price you see on GoDaddy doesn't always reflect the true price that is going to be at checkout. But then, simply, all you'll gonna do is create a GoDaddy account (I can create one really quickly). And then all you'll gonna do is put in your credit card number, PayPal, checking, billing information and all that good stuff. And then click purchase when you're finished. And complete the process.

That's how easy it is guys to register a domain with GoDaddy. Like I said, GoDaddy is a very popular platform to purchase domain names. However, it is not my recommended place to buy a domain name. To find out my recommended place to buy a domain name, go and check our other video on Youtube channel or look for the link in the description on the video above. On the video, I'm going to explain how to purchase a domain name, how to find a good domain name if you're stuck, and all sorts of videos about domain names and starting your blog.

When you're ready to start your blog, I highly encourage you to check out the link in the description on our video to take you to our links for the step by step instructions on how to start a blog on the best blogging platform using the best blogging hosting. It's all right there for you with the screenshots so go check that out. You'll be surprised at how much success you can find with just blogging on the internet. It's just a side hustle, it's a side income to help you reach your personal goals.

How to register domain with godaddy