7 Lifestyle Blog Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd

A lifestyle blog is a blog that contains content about anything and everything in a person's life.

If you are immersed in the “blogiverse” (I don't know if that word exists…but it sounded cool to me) you probably have seen lifestyle bloggers or stumbled upon Instagram accounts of men or women who refer to themselves as a lifestyle blogger.

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What is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog contains completely random content about a specific individual (or family).

That's the best way to describe it.

I don't mean that in a disrespectful way at all either!  Lifestyle blogs can be very successful and there are thousands of people out there making a living blogging about random stuff in their life.

A lifestyle blog sounds a lot better than a blog.

If you don't exclusively write about a specific topic like fashion, fitness, food, or travel, you can refer to your blog as a lifestyle blog to sound a little more professional.

Which sounds better?

Saying, “I have a blog.”


“I have a lifestyle blog.”

You see? It's just a better way to describe a blog that's about your life in general.  If you already have a lifestyle blog that's great! If you're thinking of starting one let me tell you quickly why I hate lifestyle blogs.


Why I Hate Lifestyle Blogs

I don't actually hate lifestyle blogs.

Some of my favorite blogs are lifestyle blogs! But from a new-blogger-business point of view, I hate lifestyle blogs.

Here's why…

It's hard to break through the noise as a lifestyle blogger.

I'm a business guy.  I studied business in college, and I read books like The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords for fun (which my wife thinks is completely insane).

If you want to start a blog, you should start a blog that can become a business.

Making money from your blog is probably at least in the back of your mind isn't it???

It's not wrong to want to make money as a blogger.  After all, thousands of people are doing it and making A LOT of money so why can't you?…

Well you can.

But you need to start a blog that can become a business.  That means you need to start a blog with a purpose, a vision, a goal.

If you start blogging randomly about your life, you might spend YEARS hoping that some day you go big and start making six figures like your favorite influencers do.

There are more than 150 Million blogs on the internet today! That's a lot of “noise” that you need to stand out from.  It seems discouraging, but it can be done!

Lifestyle blogs are EVERYWHERE! Whether people refer to them as a lifestyle blog or not, they are a far majority of the blogs on the internet today.  That's because most people don't know what they want to write about so they just write about everything.

It will be very hard to stand out from everyone else if you blog like this.

However, it can be done! Even as a lifestyle blogger you can still stand out.

Here are 7 tips to help you stand out as a lifestyle blogger and hopefully make some money!

1. Use a Theme That Represents You

I'm going to assume that you have a self hosted WordPress blog.

If you do not, that's the first priority.  Get set up with a self hosted blog.

Now that you've gotten that taken care of you'll need to find a WordPress theme that represents you.

There are hundreds of great themes available on WordPress, and many of them offer a free version and a paid upgrade version.  You can usually find really great premium themes for as low as $35 (one time payment).

Take the time to experiment with some different free themes and find one that represents you, and represents the people you want reading your blog.

If you are super into heavy metal rock music and a lot of your content will revolve around that, you probably don't want a pink flowery theme.

When you choose a theme, ask yourself, “Does this represent me and does this represent my readers?”

true character

2. Expose Your True Character

The biggest mistake you can make as a lifestyle blogger is to pretend you're someone you're not.

Don't try and be someone else.  Be you!

So many lifestyle bloggers think they have to be JUST LIKE so-and-so to be rich and famous like they are.

Not true!

People love authenticity in 2018.

With so many “fakes” out there on the internet, it's refreshing to find people who are “real”.

Don't be afraid to be a little vulnerable with your content: share some experiences, embarrassing moments, weaknesses, trials…

With a lifestyle blog you'll need to be unique and emotional with your content.  Emotional doesn't always mean sad either… Happy, funny, sad, angry, and all the other emotions will help you connect with your readers.

Create an emotional connection with your content.

3. Use Your Own Images

This directly correlates with tip 2.  As a lifestyle blogger you'll need to use your own images.

You really should be using your own images for any type of blog… but on some niche specific blogs you can use stock images for the most part.

A lifestyle blog is not built the same way an educational or product blog is.

People come to educational blogs (like this one) to learn something.  They are looking for specific answers to problems.  These people really don't care that much about the actual person behind the writing (usually).  They come back to learn more about a topic, not to see what you made for dinner yesterday.

Use your own images on your lifestyle blog to help build that personal connection.

People will become loyal readers of your blog because they are interested in YOU as a person.

Readers will come back to find out how your trip to Disneyland was because they want to know what you did and why.  Your own images will reveal the “behind the scenes” footage your readers want.

4. Leverage Social Media

You need to be active on your own social media accounts.  That's a given.

Don't be private either!  I see this mistake sometimes… All your accounts need to be set to public if you want to grow.

When I say leverage social media I mean more than just posting Instagram pics every couple of days.

You need to leverage the power of social media.

What does that mean?

  • DM'ing other influencers or lifestyle bloggers to collaborate.
  • Commenting on other related posts, tweets, photos.
  • Pinning blogs to your Pinterest boards.
  • Engaging with followers and readers.

Simply posting a photo will not be enough.  You need to be active and have a social media strategy if you want social media to help you grow.

5. Silo Your Content

This is an SEO term to help you rank higher in the search engines.

If you are not familiar with SEO I highly recommend spending a few hours doing some basic research.  It will dramatically improve your blog!

As a lifestyle blogger you'll probably cover a variety of topics:

  • Food
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Fun

These are some of the common categories I see on lifestyle blogs.

If you have a lifestyle blog and you write articles covering all these different topics, it would be very wise to silo your content accordingly.

What does that mean?

A silo is a big tower used to store grain.  You've probably seen one around farms.  Well think of your blog categories as different silos.

Each silo is filled with different individual articles or blog posts.  When you create a category in WordPress you are essentially creating a new silo.


I recommend using a category name as part of your URL for individual posts.  This helps Google “crawl” your site faster and it helps Google understand how your content is organized and how it all relates.

Instead of your URL being:


Use the category in the URL to help silo the content:


You can easily change the permalink structure in the WordPress settings.

Also remember to interlink your related posts.  This will tell Google that all these posts are related to Travel and it will make it easier for Google to crawl and index your site.

6. Become an Affiliate

This is the one tip that actually involves money.

But without the other pieces, you'll never get anyone to click on your affiliate links!

An affiliate is someone who promotes or sells other people's products for a commission.

Amazon has a very popular affiliate program.  You can quickly sign up and start posting links or ads to Amazon products on your blog.  Every time someone clicks on an affiliate link on your site and makes a purchase on Amazon.com you earn a commission!

Thousands of people make a living as an Amazon affiliate.

There are affiliate programs for hundreds of companies around the world.  A simple Google search for affiliate programs will take you to different directories where you can find products and services in almost any niche.

As a blogger, affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest way to make money.

Look for products and services that relate to the content you're creating and sign up for their affiliate programs!

7. Be Consistent

Last but not least is be consistent!

Any type of blogging takes work to make money.  You need to be consistent in ALL your content marketing efforts.

Post new blog articles, social media posts, outreach emails, etc…

Your actions need to match your ambitions.

If you want to become a six-figure lifestyle blogger you need to work like one.  It won't be easy! But if you stay consistent and keep working, it will definitely be worth it!Join our Facebook Group7 Lifestyle blogger tips to stand out from the crowd! Increase traffic to your lifestyle blog and separate yourself from the others by implementing these blogging tips.