What is a Self Hosted Website? Do I Need Self Hosting?

what is a self hosted wordpress blog (final)

In this post, we're going to answer the question what is a WordPress self-hosted website and do you need one?

WordPress is my recommended platform for building a blog or website.

Self-hosted websites are a little bit different than blogging on a platform like SquareSpace or Wix where the hosting is built-in to the plan. GoDaddy and some other websites are also offering blogging services like this, but my recommended method is to use the WordPress.org platform and use self-hosting to host your blog on the internet.

Using WordPress.org

There's another article on my website where I talk about the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.  In that post, I teach how WordPress.org is usually the WordPress that most people refer to when they say, “You should blog with WordPress.”

On the WordPress.org website, there's a button to download WordPress. However, downloading WordPress won't get your website or blog on the internet. It will just allow you to edit your blog using their CMS platform.

WordPress is a free platform to build your blog or website.  In order to get your blog or website on the internet, you need a hosting provider.  A hosting provider has a server connected to the internet that stores all of your blog articles, your images, and all the data you're putting on your website.

On the WordPress.org website, there's a little section called “hosting.”  On that page, they recommend three really awesome hosting providers that you can use to self-host your WordPress blog.

SiteGround, is my preferred hosting provider. I personally host blogs with SiteGround. I love the performance, I love the customer service, and I love the quality of the hosting that they give you.

I've tested out a lot of these hosts and I actually have websites on Bluehost. I've read and done reviews on DreamHost and all sorts of hosting providers. SiteGround is the hosting provider that I'm comfortable and recommend to anyone who's getting started with a WordPress blog.

On SiteGround's website, you will see some different hosting packages such as WordPress hosting. They have a hosting plan built specifically for WordPress. Once you get started with this plan, you'll be able to self-host your blog on SiteGround and be able to build it using WordPress. That's what people are talking about when they say a “self-hosted WordPress blog.” You're using the free WordPress platform but you're hosting it on another provider like SiteGround.

I've got a full tutorial on my website that will walk you through the entire process of starting a blog with WordPress and SiteGround. I have a lot of videos on my YouTube Channel to help you through the process and there's even step-by-step tutorials with screenshots to help you pick the exact plan that is right for you.

Once you're ready to get started with your blog or website, make sure you  get started with your blog using my recommended method of WordPress and SiteGround. It will only take you less than 15 minutes to get started writing your very first blog article.

Share this post with your friends and family who are thinking about getting started with a blog. If you have any questions, make sure you leave a comment below and I'd be happy to answer however I can!

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