Should You Use a .COM Domain or Another Domain Type?

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In this post, we're going to talk about whether you should get a .COM domain or another domain type such as a .US or .NET.

Many Types Of Domain Extensions

I'm sure you have probably seen that there are a lot of domain name types available nowadays. If you head over to Google domains you will notice that there's a lot of different types of domain extensions available. Some of these include .net, .org, .us, and even .glass or .pizza!

A lot of people tend to get caught up thinking, “I want to make sure I have the perfect domain name and I want to get the domain I want.” 

.COM Domains Rules The Internet

I highly recommend you go with a .COM domain name. It's more important for you to get a .COM domain name which is relatively close to what you wanted it to be than to get the exact domain name that you are hoping for with a different type of domain extension. The domain extension .COM still rules the internet.

Best For SEO

The majority of websites on the internet today are using a .COM domain. It's the best extension for SEO. It's even just the best extension to simply be remembered by people because most people would go to search your website with a .COM.

Sounds Gimmicky

Then, the other thing is that a .COM domain still has a lot of value as far as credibility goes. People feel that unseen sense of value when they see a .COM domain website versus a .pizza website.

People Won't Remember It

If you told a friend, “Hey, I started a blog, I started a website. It's” They're going to look at you and say, “What?” Then, you're going to say, “Yeah, just go to” And, they will probably say, “Wait, Like, what?” And, you'll say, “No, it's .pizza at the end. There's no .com. It's .pizza.” 

You see how it can get really out of hand and confusing? Someone once told me, “Hey, go check out my website. It's” I couldn't believe it and asked, “Wait, what?” “It's not, it's”

People Won't Get It

Most people don't comprehend these new domain extensions, it's just bizarre to them. I know, these domain extensions are usually readily available and cheaper, but they're just bizarre and just unnecessary. A .COM domain is still a very powerful domain type that has a lot of weight in the online world.


So, what I recommend to everyone who's starting a blog is to just go with a .COM domain. If your preferred domain is not available, try it using different spelling or by adding words to it. A .COM domain really is the best domain extension and type.

Once you are ready to start a blog, I've got full instructions on my website to walk you through the step-by-step process of starting your blog. These instructions will guide you on how to purchase your domain name with Google domains, and how to link it to your WordPress blog or website, and get you up and running in 10 or 15 minutes. 

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