Should Your Blog Be Your Personal Name or Branded Name?

So here's a question a lot of people ask – should my blog name be my personal name or a branded name?

In this post, I'm gonna share my thoughts about using a personal blog name versus a branded blog name, a little bit of the pros and cons each.

So when you're starting your blogging business, you're obviously gonna come up with a blog name. A lot of big-time bloggers out there have a blog that's named after themselves.

One example of these online businesses are Niel Patel and it's named There are also other sorts of guys like there that name their blogs after themselves. Bloggers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Mike Dillon name their blogs after themselves.

But then there are other people out there that kind of has a branded blog. So you've got John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire. You've got Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income. You've got Andy Isom,,

There really is no right or wrong answer here if you want to use your personal name or branded name for your blog. You might find different opinions out there but my personal opinion is it really doesn't matter.

Because it really doesn't matter…

Whatever you want to do, whatever sounds better to you, whatever you're more comfortable with, go with that! If you're not comfortable your blog name or domain name being your name, then don't use your name. If you are, if you like that idea, then use your name.

There are some pros and cons to each, don't get me wrong. One of the pros, I think, to use your name as your blog name or as your business name is that you're building your personal brand a lot stronger. But also, it is not guaranteed.

But if you think about it, if you name your blog after yourself – and everything is Andy Isom – when people hear about Andy Isom, they associate that name with me and not with Learn How. It might help you get like public speaking gigs and other things like that because people get enamored by the name. But I really don't think it's essential. Because you can look at, like I've said, other people out there who have a branded blog and they were able to find massive success.

So just go with what feels comfortable for you. Try out each. I do recommend though, pro tip right here, buying your name as a domain name even if you don't use it – just hang on to it. And you'll never know. Someday you might need it, you don't want someone to buy it. So I own my name as a domain name. I don't have a website there, I haven't done anything there. But I do own my domain name because you'll never know. Maybe down the road, they'll come handy.

So when you are ready to start your blog, make sure you go check out my videos that talk about finding your domain name, buying your domain name and getting your blog started. We also have tutorials to help you exactly step-by-step how to start your blog using WordPress and Siteground which are the two best platforms to build a website or blog on the internet today. So we got it all laid out for you, make sure to go check that out.

Make sure you're also subscribed to our Youtube channel because we have a lot of videos to show you how to use technology to build an online business and create a lifestyle of freedom. Using technology, using software, using programs helps you not only automate your process but speed up the rate at which you succeed with your online business. That's our goal – we want to succeed fast, we want to build our business fast.

It is a long game, it does take a long time – I'm not gonna cheat you there. It's not a get rich quick thing here guys with an online business. But these tools and software will help you make things a lot easier for you and I'm gonna help you learn how to do that.

I hope you enjoyed this post and see you in our videos!

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