SiteGround Hosting Review – Are They The Best Hosting For You?

SiteGround Hosting Review

In this post, I'm going to give you my Siteground hosting review and talk about some stats and some numbers to show you whether or not Siteground is the best hosting provider to choose.

To start off, I'm going to tell you that I personally use Siteground to host some of my websites. I also use other hosting providers for other websites that I run and manage. So, I do have personal experience using Siteground.

Who Recommends SiteGround?

The first thing I wanna say about Siteground is that it is recommended by WordPress themselves. You can find on three recommended hosting providers on their website – Bluehost, Dreamhost, and Siteground. For that very strong reason, I did choose to start a website on Siteground which is a WordPress website.

I'm going to assume that you're probably interested in starting a WordPress website. I've got full instructions to show you my recommended method of starting a WordPress website with Siteground on my website.

Let's talk about some other aspects of Siteground hosting. There are a lot of articles out there on the internet comparing different hosting providers, comparing stats, and crunching numbers.

Let me talk about one from

SiteGround Compared to Other Hosting Providers

They reviewed 31 different hosting providers (not all of them but a lot of the common ones).

After reviewing 31 hosting providers, their number one hosting provider is Bluehost which is also a recommended hosting provider by WordPress themselves. It's also the hosting provider I use, as well. I have multiple websites running on Bluehost. They're a nice hosting provider option.

Siteground, is third in rankings. It got great scores on support. It also has 99.99% uptime which means how much time their servers are active and downtime would mean that the server went down for whatever reason and your website got off from the internet.

A lot of downtime can really hurt your traffic numbers so you want to avoid downtime at all cost. So 99.99% is basically almost a hundred percent uptime. meaning their servers are very reliable. Load time is also important because it is how fast your website loads.

This is a really ranking factor for SEO. So, if you have a very slow loading website, you might get pushed down in the Google rankings. Their load time didn't quite compare with some of the others on here but they still fell worthy of the four-star review.

There are a lot of other websites, though, that will give different opinions. On PCMag, the editor's rating is four-star excellent. And when you compare that to, let's say, Bluehost, it only has a three and a half star on this website.

It's really hard to get a valid, accurate comparison rating because every website has different preferences. Every website has different experiences and that's how it is in the real world, too.

If you're on Facebook, jump in a group and ask “Hey, what hosting provider should I use?” You're gonna have the Bluehost lovers, you're gonna have the Bluehost haters. You're gonna have the Siteground lovers, you're gonna have the InMotion lovers, you're gonna have the BigScoots lovers, the Namecheap, there's gonna be people shouting and recommending their hosting provider because maybe they're affiliate or they use it and they liked it, they wanna feel good about the hosting provider they chose.

There are all sorts of opinions out there on what is the best hosting provider. But as far as our purposes in reviewing Siteground, most of the comparisons, most of the reviews are very, very positive.

My personal review is very positive. I have a website running on Siteground, I liked the dashboard, I liked the controls I get, I liked where their servers are located and how they run their servers, I liked the features that I have, and many others.

The one downside I would say to Siteground which isn't that big of a big deal if you're just starting out with your website is that the storage space might be a little limited compared to some others. Meaning, you'll only get about 10GB of storage space starting out.

Once your traffic starts to pick up, you're going to have to upgrade to a higher plan. That's how it is with the other hosting providers, as well. Usually, once you get more traffic, you'll have to upgrade anyway.

I don't really view that as a big issue.

That's really the only downside I found with Siteground. Everything else has been super positive. They have great pricing. They have streamlined hosting specifically for WordPress. Like I said, they're recommended by WordPress. They've got great reviews across the board online.

I do highly recommend Siteground.

For that reason, I have a full tutorial on how to start a WordPress blog or website with Siteground because it is proven to be recommended by other bloggers, by popular websites, by comparisons and people that have done testing on the different hosting providers. It is a very safe bet across the board.

Click here to check out some pricing on Siteground, You can browse some of their different hosting services. I also have other posts on this website to talk about different features of Siteground, some different plan options, and which plan might be best for you. 

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