What should my blog be about?

what should my blog be about

If you're a brand new blogger you've probably asked yourself this question…

“What should my blog be about?”

If you're an established blogger, this question could also apply to an individual blog post…

“What should this blog post be about?”

The nice thing is that both of these questions can be answered in the same way! In this article, I'm going to break down what your blog and/or blog articles should be about.

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What should my BLOG be about?

Let's first talk about your blog as a whole.

If you're just getting started with your blog, deciding what to blog about is an important question to ask yourself.  In my opinion there are 3 items on your checklist for deciding what your blog should be about:

  1. Something you enjoy writing.
  2. Something people enjoy reading.
  3. Something you can monetize.

All 3 of those requirements should be fulfilled if possible.

Let's break down the 3 requirements…

1. Something you enjoy writing

If you don't enjoy writing about the topic, you'll never make it as a blogger.  This is why all 3 of the requirements needs to be met.  I've seen a lot of people start blogs because they thought it was the BEST topic for making money.

This is a huge mistake.

If you did a bunch of research and people told you that the topic of Virtual Reality Gaming was THE NEXT BIG thing for making money with a blog, but you hate gaming, and you could care less about VR, you won't last…

You won't know what to write, writing will become a chore, and you'll dread having to come up with content…

If you don't truly enjoy writing about it, don't do it.

Do not start a fashion blog if you hate fashion.  Do not write about food recipes if you hate cooking.  Don't follow the “trends” just because you think that's what will make you a successful blogger.

Write about something you enjoy.

2. Something people enjoy reading

There is a big misconception in the online universe that we have to do things that have never been done before to be successful.


This type of strategy in entrepreneurship is called a Blue Ocean Strategy.  It means that you invent a product that has never been made before because there is a wide open “blue ocean” of potential buyers with little to no competition…

These strategies do work – sometimes.  But I don't recommend them.

Here's why…

You think your idea (or blog topic) is a GREAT IDEA because no one else has ever written about it.  Like ever! You are going to be the first person EVER to blog about Unicorn Grooming!

What a great idea!  You'll have no competition and quickly shoot up to #1 on Google with no effort!

Um….One problem.

No one wants to read about unicorn grooming.

The problem with doing what's never been done is there is probably a reason it's never been done…FOR BLOG TOPICS!!!!  (Don't want you to think I'm anti-do-new-things)

A much safer approach to the question “what should my blog be about” is to find what's already popular and add your unique personality to it!

Why do you think there are thousands of successful fashion bloggers???  Because a lot of people like reading about fashion.

Why do you think there are thousands of successful travel bloggers???  Because a lot of people like reading about travel.

Just because someone is already doing it doesn't mean, “Oh welp! Scratch that idea… Sally's already got the best yoga blog in the world. No point in me trying to start one!”

There are thousands of Sallys writing about yoga and finding a lot of success doing it!

When a lot of people are writing about something, that's probably a good indicator that a lot of people enjoy reading about it as well…

3. Something you can monetize

This is where strategy comes in to play.

We are blogging to earn some money in 2018.  Sure that's not the only reason! We do it cause we enjoy it… but we hope to someday monetize.

When you ask yourself, “What should my blog be about?” think about how you can monetize any given topic…

And don't say ads.

The real prosperity of blogging comes from affiliate sales and personal sales.  

You will need literally millions of visitors to your site every month if you wanna make a living off ads alone.

How can you monetize your blog with affiliate or personal sales?

If you want to blog about makeup, cause you enjoy makeup, and people read about makeup, the final question becomes, “How will you make money blogging about makeup?”

You could sell makeup through Amazon associates, work out some brand deals to blog about specific brands, create your own makeup products…

But think about the topic.  Do people buy makeup? Yes. Then it's probably a good idea for a blog.

This is why I'm not a big fan of blogs topics that are difficult to monetize like political satire.  You might love politics, and people do enjoy reading about politics, but what are you going to sell or promote???

How are you going to really monetize a blog where you talk about your political opinions?

It can be done, but you can probably see how it's much more challenging to monetize certain topics over others.

Consider your long term monetization strategy for your blog.

What should my blog POST be about?

The same 3 requirements we talked about apply to individual blog posts, but not to the same degree…

You should write about something you enjoy and something that people want to read in every blog article, but you don't necessarily need to ALWAYS write about something to make money.

*I'm actually going to cover the strategy of using money pages in an upcoming article which will give you a good strategy for monetizing your blog.

It's nice to be able to mix in affiliate links, or product links, in blog articles, but realize that you don't need them in every post.  Sometimes it's refreshing just to write about something for the joy of it, not because you are trying to make money from it!

That doesn't mean you shouldn't take the time to do SEO!

You should still focus on SEO in EVERY blog article, but you won't need to worry about getting sales directly from all of them.

The next time you're asking yourself, “What should my blog be about?” Think about the checklist!

  1. Something you enjoy writing.
  2. Something people enjoy reading.
  3. Something you can monetize.

I'd love to get your feedback so leave a comment of how you chose what you were going to blog about?

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