Where Should You Buy A Domain Name?

where to buy a domain name (final)

Where should I buy a domain name – a question that comes up to everyone who is trying to start a brand new blog or website. In this post, I'm going to show you my favorite way to buy domain names.

For anyone starting a blog, you're obviously going to need a domain name. Now, you've probably heard of all of the big sites out there such as GoDaddy, Google, and many others, where you can buy a domain name for your blog.

And it can be a bit hard to decide which is best. Should I buy from GoDaddy, should I buy from someone else, where should I get my domain name. Let me show you exactly what I recommend for the best place to buy a domain name.

My favorite place to buy a domain name is Google domains. That is because it is so easy to buy a domain from Google domains.

A lot of those sites like GoDaddy and other stuff, the numbers can be so confusing. Like $1.99 now, but then it's $13.99 tomorrow or after 30 days it goes up to $20 but then next year it's $25 plus initial $6 for this and that and you're gonna add so may other stuff and it's just so overwhelming.

Google domains, on the other hand, is so straightforward, 12 bucks a year.

And you might be asking yourself, why would I spend 12 bucks on a domain when I can get one on GoDaddy for like 99 cents or whatever?

Well, that's because GoDaddy is gonna charge you for 99 cents and then they're going to charge you 20 dollars next year or they're gonna charge you 99 cents and gonna upsell you 50 other random add-on things that will gonna end you up paying more. So that's their strategy. Google is straightforward – it's 12 dollars a year and every year, you don't have to worry about the hassle.

So let's say I'm looking for a domain name, let's pick up random topic. Let's do cat costumes.

So I'm just gonna search cat costumes, the Google domains is going to spit me out a lot of available domains. See? It's very simple – there's nothing distracting out here. I can simply go down and see – catcostumes.com is gone but catcostumes.dog is available (okay, that's pretty weird). But anyways, it will show you all the different domains catcostumes and it will also give you recommendations that are a lot similar.

Like, I always teach people how I always recommend .com so I wouldn't venture into the .us or .net or .me. So ccostumes.com is available for 12 dollars a year. So bummer, in our example catcostumes.com is not available but if I can scroll down here I can find other ideas for domains that are available with the .com such as houndcostume.com, animalsdress.com (that can be interesting, that kind of applies for catcostumes.com) and many others.

You can just play around the search bar, for example, diycatcostumes.com. So for the result, diycatcostumes.com exact match is available at 12 dollars a year! See guys, that's how it is. Just do a little search right here, be creative and find a domain.

Let me talk quickly about why I like Google domains in addition to how straightforward it is.

Google domains is also under your Google account so you can buy a domain under your same Google account that you are going to use for Google Analytics, Google search console, Youtube channel, Gmail, Google calendar, and many others! The point is it's the same Google account for everything. For Google AdWords, for Google Adsense.

Once you get into building a blogging website, you'll find out how many different Google programs you're gonna actually start using. So it's really nice having everything under the same umbrella. It makes it really easy to verify your domain, to transfer your domain, to redirect your domain. Having everything under the same roof makes it so much easier to me which is why I recommend using Google domains since you're gonna end up using Google for everything else such as analytics for your blogging or website.

So check out Google domains – I'm not an affiliate so it's not like they are paying me anything for saying this. I just use Google domains and I like it. So I think that it is something that you should do.

And then when you are ready to start your website or your blog, you should check our other posts or videos which will gonna show you step-by-step instructions on how to start your blog or website using WordPress and Siteground. These are the best CMS platform and host provider. I'll show you how to do it with Google domains. It's a free course and guide which you can access right on our website.

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