Why Every Instagrammer Should Have A Blog

Why Every Instagrammer Should Have a Blog

If you're an Instagrammer or you wanna be an Instagrammer, then you might agree with me that an Instagrammer, in my opinion, is someone who uses Instagram to make money.

So let's say you're on Instagram. As an influencer, you use it as an affiliate platform – you use it to promote products and services. In any case, you're using Instagram to build a large audience to make money in some form or another.

Now, let's talk about why I think every Instagrammer needs a blog. That doesn't mean you have to be a blogger like blogging articles every day about your life. But you should still have a website.

This is why…

I've recently just heard from my sister that a famous Instagrammer got her Instagram account hacked. Yes. that's right. She had over 50,000 Instagram followers and they were gone. Just like that – boom!

Business over. Income gonezo from Instagram.

Now, when that happens to you, you are probably in your room crying and eating ice cream and it's terrible. I'm not gonna lie – it's terrible when that happens to people! That is why I always tell people you need to have a blog. You need a blog for your Instagram. Do not solely rely on Instagram for your business. If you do that, you are going to be kicking yourself when your Instagram account gets hacked and your business is gone and you have to start over.

Let's talk about why you need a blog for your Instagram business.

Even if you're not blogging, let's just say you have a blank website out there on the internet. This is what I would do. I would create a WordPress blog. I would have at least one page with some sort of free guide or resource that people can download in exchange for their email address.

Let's say you're an Instagrammer and you wear really cute clothes and a lot of people like your photos and so companies pay you to wear their clothes. You don't like to blog, you don't like writing, that's okay! But create a blog, make a website, and make a page. And I would come up with a guide – my top 10 favorite clothing brands. Click here to download. “All you need is give me your email address and I'll send it right in your email inbox.”

Get your blog set-up. I've got a full course that teaches you how to do that, if you need help with that.

But get that set-up and then occasionally in your Instagram mention it in your Instagram story. Like “Hey, make sure you guys check out the link on my bio because I've got a free guide – top 10 brands that I love!” Then post on Instagram. Or “Hey, just a quick reminder. I've got a free resource, free guide on my website and I'll talk about the top 10 brands that I love.”

You're gonna start building your email list. That's the key here with your website – you're gonna have an email list. Once you start building your email list, let's say you've got 10,000 people on your email list, and you've got 20,000 on your Instagram. And Instagram goes away for whatever reason like Vine. It's gone – boom! Instagram gone for some reason. You now have an email list of 10,000 people who followed you on Instagram who will follow you to the next platform.

The next “photogrammer” comes out, the app that comes out that's all the rage. Then you can email your list and say “Hey guys. Just set-up my photogrammer account! Here's my link. Make sure you follow me!” Boom – you got your 10,000 followers.

That's why you need a blog to back up all that hard work. All of those followers, all of those people who are following you on social media, whether that's Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn – whatever! Send them to an email list so that when any of these platforms go kaput, you still have all those followers. You have the list. There's nothing that can take that list away from you. Nothing can shut that down from, you have that. You can store that on a hard drive and like lock it in a safe in your house if you want.

Once you have that, when the next platform comes, the next thing, the next trend comes, you send all your followers, you send your audience to the new platform. And you don't have to worry. You don't have to lose sleep thinking if Instagram ends tomorrow, I'm fine. Because I have all my followers, I can send them to the next platform. That's why you need to start a blog, people!

I've got a link that will show you exactly step by step how to start your blog. It is the best resource you can find – the best platform host you can find today to get your blog started for a very low and affordable price. So make sure you go check that out here on our website.

But get started with your blog. Please backup your stuff! I feel so bad when I see these Instagrammers getting hacked and they lose all of their hard work and they didn't have a back-up or some sort of platform to recover all of those followers. So go start your blog today guys! Don’t forget to subscribe on our Youtube channel!

why every instagrammer should have a blog