Why Motivational Videos Don’t Work

why motivational videos dont work (final)

What's up guys! In this post, you're going to learn why motivational videos don't work.

Now, if you watched my channel or you followed me at all, you'll gonna be like, Andy, what are you talking about? You've just released a video about your favorite motivational YouTube channel. But now, we're making a video about why motivational videos don't work. Well, in this post I'm going to reveal the three reasons why motivational videos don't work and what you can do to change that.

#1 You don't watch them

The first reason why motivational videos don't work is that you don't watch them. There's a lot of people out there that you'll find on YouTube and on Google that says motivational videos don't work, don't waste your time!

Well, the reason why they're not working for you and why you're not getting motivated from watching these videos is that you're not watching the videos.

You can't get motivated by someone else unless you're actually participating in what they're offering. There's a reason that motivational speakers get paid a lot of money and it's because they actually motivate people, surprise, surprise!

So to combat the first reason, all you got to do is watch the motivational videos, to begin with.

#2 Not watching consistently

The second reason why motivational videos don't work is that people aren't watching them consistently. Like I talked about in my other video, motivation really only happens for a few minutes, hours, or maybe a day. But you'll find it very difficult to watch someone else as in a motivational speaker and remain motivated for more than a day.

When I watch a motivational video every morning, I'm motivated for the next few hours and then the afternoon and lunch kicks in and I find myself, once again, tired, wanting to take a nap, not wanting to do anything, and I might need to be motivated again.

If you go to a live event, I've been to a live event, I've seen speakers and you know, give that big motivational entrepreneur pep talk, and I leave that conference just thinking I'm gonna go and crush it now, I'm gonna work so hard, and I wake up the next morning, I get after it, and then the afternoon lunch hits and I'm tired and I need to get motivated again.

So you'll see that motivation doesn't last very long. I'm sure this has happened to you, too. So you need to be watching if you are going to watch motivational videos, consistently. That could mean every single day if you actually want them to work for you.

#3 Not doing anything about it

The third reason why motivational videos do not work is that people watch them and don't do anything about it. This is something I find so amusing and I think about it when I go to conferences and I see, you know, hundreds of people sitting there cheering and clapping and getting all jazz when the speaker up there is motivating us and talking about how we can reach our goals and everything. And I think to myself, what percentage of all these people here clapping and cheering are actually going to go home and do something about it.

It's the same thing with motivational videos. Motivational videos make you feel really good, feel like you can do everything and conquer the world. But if you're watching motivational videos and get super pumped up saying yes, I'm going to reach my goals and achieve my dreams, and then you go sit on the couch and eat Doritos and watch NetFlix. Nothing is going to happen.

You cannot be motivated and not have action and expect to accomplish anything. So, if you're going to watch motivational videos and you do get motivated in one form or another, you need to actually do something about it. So act up on the motivation you get from those videos.

Work a little bit extra harder. Get up earlier. Stay up later. Hustle a little bit more. Put the TV remote down. And start working. And you'll actually start to see some success.

Those are the three reasons why motivational videos don't work and the three reasons how you can change that. I'm a big believer in motivational videos which is why I'm actually talking about it on my YouTube channel in the first place because I think it's really important when you're building an online business and a sole-preneur. Meaning you're working by yourself. You're side-hustling. You're in your office doing things late at night or early in the morning. It's going to be discouraging at times and you're going to need to be motivated. Unless you're like a super go-getter self-motivated individual, then you're gonna be fine. But if not, it really helps to get some outside motivation every once in a while or a great way to start your morning.

So go check out my other videos about motivation. I talk about some of my favorite videos and channels and how I watch motivational videos or use them to get motivated everyday.

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why motivational videos don't work